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Working as a travel agent is a great remote job that you can do from just about anywhere as long as you have reliable access to the internet and a phone. One of the great things about a truly remote job is that you can work for any company, not just ones that are located in the area that you live. This not only provides more opportunities for you to find work it also allows you to be more specific in the company that you want to work for. As a travel agent your job is to help customers to plan, arrange, and book all of their travel plans. These services can include travel arrangements, lodging, outings, and package options.Keep reading…

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Becoming a travel agent doesn’t have any specific requirements but there are things that will help you stand out and be more successful in this career. Having experience with sales, customer service, and a variety of computer systems are some of the more sought-after skills by employers and will help you stand out among other applicants. You will have to learn the specific programs and offerings that your company provides to clients in order to serve them in the best way possible.

Major Employers

One company that hires remote travel agents is BCD Travel, they focus on corporate travel and help them to get the best experience for their money. The company was founded in 2006 and already has over 10,000 employees. Overall employees for this company report being happy with their jobs, feel that they have a clear sense of purpose, and receive a high level of learning within their roles.

BCD pays travel agents on average $38,000 per year along with some additional benefits that typically include health insurance, flexible schedule, paid time off, and retirement benefits. Reviews stated that it is a wonderful company to work for. The initial training can be tough, but it is needed in order to prepare you to be successful in this career. The work is fast paced, and you interact with your customers daily juggling the needs of different clients. Others highlight the benefits provided to employees as additional reasons to work for BCD.

Another great benefit for working for a travel agency like BCD is that they usually offer travel discounts to their employees to experience some of the same things as their clients. So, if you enjoy traveling and having the freedom to work from wherever you are, becoming a travel agent may be a perfect fit. A company with such great reviews from employees who are satisfied with their jobs is a good sign that you could find a career you would enjoy for years to come, all from the comfort of your home or wherever your travels take you.

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