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Close to 45% of US companies offer remote jobs as of 2019. This figure will most likely increase. This is because, in the next few years, many workers are expected to go remote. Moreover, with the ongoing pandemic, many companies are allowing their workers to work remotely. This will continue to be this way as there are numerous benefits that remote jobs have to offer for both, the employees and the employer. Keep reading…

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About Chicago Remote Jobs

Chicago is America’s technical and business hub. Most technical and other technologically advanced organizations have been offering remote jobs for their existing and potential employees for a while now. This is the reason why the number of people working remotely in Chicago has increased twofold since 2005. A survey reported that around 3.1% of the total Chicago workforce was working from home in 2015 and the trends representative of remote working have touched newer heights during the 2020 pandemic.

Typical Job Titles and Responsibilities

The list of remote jobs is big. We, however, have chosen the most popular of these jobs and mention some of their most common responsibilities. Content writing is a remote job which thousands of people are cashing in on. This job requires people to stay in touch with their clients or employers and create content according to their needs. They are responsible for writing web content for a company’s website. Content writers also write articles, blogs and product reviews for the clients.

This pandemic has shown us how using technology, teaching can be turned into a remote job as well.  Remote teachers are responsible for maintaining a course outline and adhering to it in the online class. They must ensure that all the students are concentrating on what they are teaching and be responsive to the students’ queries and questions. Working remotely, teachers are also required to conduct online quizzes and exams.

The job of Customer Service Representative is one of the remote jobs that offered work from home even before the pandemic. A customer support representative is required to assist the company’s customers in every way possible. They must resolve their issues and listen to their complaints. They are also responsible for keeping track of customer queries and complaints and properly document their interaction with the customers.

A Web Developer is also among those lucky workers who were able to enjoy working remotely before CoVID-19 took over. A Web Developer is responsible for making websites for their companies or clients using HTML and CSS. They are also responsible for maintaining and regularly updating the website and keep their knowledge fresh by staying up to date with modern technologies. They may also be required to work closely with web designers to curate a decent looking product for the company.

Job Statistics

Remote jobs are one of the few jobs that have low turnover rates. The average turnover rate for companies that allow remote jobs is close to 9%. Being the work mode of the future, remote jobs have grown more than 90% in the last decade and this is only a start. Remote jobs are to grow even more during the current decade so much so that more than 70% of workers of all the departments in an organization will work remotely in the future.

Many reports claim that people with remote jobs earn around $4000 more annually. The national annual median salary for remote workers is around $49000. Meanwhile, PayScale also reports that remote workers earn around 8% more than the non-remote workers with similar responsibilities.

Employee Feedback

90% of the remote workers, when asked, said that they would recommend remote jobs to their friends. This shows how much job satisfaction remote jobs have to offer. Remote jobs result in greater satisfaction and increased happiness among the workers.

However, according to people with remote jobs, the biggest setback of working remotely is that the work never stops. Moreover, they get lonely while working and sometimes, their work productivity takes a serious hit as a result of remote working.


What is the future of working? Remote jobs. Coming years will see an increasing percentage of people opting for remote jobs. Right now, more than 95% of the people in the US prefer working remotely. This is due to the benefits remote jobs have over non-remote jobs. Chicago being a technologically advanced city offers thousands of remote jobs for people who want to reap the benefits of working far from the typical office setting. Remote jobs come decorated with a lot of benefits like increased pay and better satisfaction. However, the downside to these jobs is the low productivity that it leads to in most workers.

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