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In this day and age, the old concept of reporting each day to an office to sit at a desk behind a computer is changing rapidly. Why leave your home when you can do the same work there? And, no small consideration, without further exposure to Covid-19. More and more companies are offering their employees the option to work remotely. To be connected to your fellow employees through the internet as opposed to lunchroom conversations. Many clients/customers prefer this type of interaction as well, if you would like to join the remote revolution, take a look at some possibilities in Indianapolis. Keep reading…

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Real estate sales are one of the prime candidates for such remote possibilities. After all. Once the property has been viewed and an offer made and accepted, it’s all paperwork from there. And almost all of this can be accomplished online, tapping a keyboard instead of pushing paper around. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage offers a position as a Review Appraiser, for example, at a yearly salary starting at $70,000. A review appraiser reviews the appraisals performed by qualified property appraisers.

In the case of this company, these appraisals are for one to four-family buildings. The appraisal lays the foundation for any monetary investment, and mistakes and inaccuracies can be devastating. The review appraisal facilitates any revisions needed and, in general, deals with any questions or problems arising from the appraisal. He is the liaison between the underwriter, loan processor, loan originator, and any else involved in processing a home mortgage. Qualified applicants will need to have at least three years of experience in property appraisal, and a bachelor’s degree would be a plus. Also, you must be licensed in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, or Florida. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is a growing company, hoping to expand its operations by adding this position.

Another remote job possibility in the real estate sector is that of a Senior Loan Coordinator for Confidence Companies Inc. A successful candidate for this position will be working with underwriters, account executives, and broker customers to facilitate moving loans into a clear-to-close situation. You can earn from $50,000 on up in this position, and all it requires is a high school diploma or equivalent, and at least two years of experience in mortgage underwriting.

Taking a step away from real estate, you might want to consider a position at MAXIMUS. MAXIMUS is an American firm that provides service to government health and human services agencies at all levels, from national, to state, to local all around the world. They are currently looking for a Human Resources Specialist. The position requires a bachelor’s degree and 3+ years of experience in human resources. Duties will include explaining company policies, recruiting employees, interpreting, and implementing adherence to employment law, solving employee relations problems, conducting investigations, implementing disciplinary measures, mediations, and terminations. MAXIMUS was founded in 1975 and currently employs over 34,000.

At the lower end of the pay, the scale is a wealth of remote customer service positions. Many companies, such as Stanley Black and Decker and Custom Touch Irrigation Inc, offer such positions at a varying hourly rate. You can also find quite a few sales jobs allowing you to work remotely, but these usually involve little or no salary as they are based on commissions.