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COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of life. Everything has shifted to a remote model that allows people to carry out their life roles remotely, from work to education. As a result, NYC had to face some serious consequences as well. Keep reading…

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There were two major economic impacts on NYC due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

Low-Paying Industries Suffered More

Research by the CNYCA shows that face-to-face industries that were already paying lower amounts to employees faced the biggest impact. Reports show that 69% of people working in such industries had lost their jobs by July 2020. In comparison, 22% of people in essential industries and 10% of the workforce in remote industries also lost their jobs.

Rising Unemployment Rate

Due to the pandemic, up to 1.5 million people in NYC were forced out of work. This situation results in an unemployment rate of approximately 35% this year.

The main reason why the employment sector in NYC has been victim to such impact is the early outbreak of the coronavirus in NYC, resulting in lower economic activity since March 2020. Additionally, NYC relied heavily on tourism and office work before the pandemic shut these sectors down.

Typical Remote Jobs

While the government had instructed all office workers to switch to working remote, not every industry is well-suited for this. Some jobs can easily switch to the remote model, including teachers, writers, web developers, analysts, and customer service representatives.

However, people working in essential industries such as healthcare or grocery stores were forced to continue working even amidst the pandemic.

Remote Work Statistics

Recent research has shown that while working remotely may have been a dream for most people before the pandemic; it is not so great after all.

People report that they stay in their pajamas all day and work from the couch. The trade-off of working from this comfortable environment is an unhealthy work-life balance. Most remote workers have reported longer working hours and more virtual meetings ever since the start of the pandemic. Instead of leaving all your work-related thoughts at the workplace, each employee is now forced to carry them along at home as well.

The Martec Group conducted a survey consisting of 1,214 people who worked in different industries to assess the impact of working remotely. The results included an alarming deterioration in mental well being, job satisfaction, and even in job security.


The pandemic has had multiple effects on people – and working from home is just one of them. Some remote jobs in NYC are still available to the public, but they mostly include low job security levels and less team collaboration. The most common remote jobs in NYC are content writing, web development, data analyst, social media managers, or teachers. Although people can gain such job opportunities, the pay levels are still considerably low due to the low economic activity rate amidst the pandemic.

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