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If you are searching for a job that will give you the opportunity to work from your home, you should take note of how these jobs can be listed. There are different terms used to describe remote jobs and they are telecommuting, virtual, home based, and telework. All of these names can be used interchangeably in the job market and are effectively the same. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Remote Jobs

To break it down, a remote job is performed away from a remote location. Remote could not only mean at home, it could mean on the road such as in regional sales. Telecommuting jobs can also be referred to as telework positions. In these positions, you will use your phone and home computer to do your work. Virtual jobs are also considered telecommuting meaning that you will most likely work strictly at home, meaning no traveling and no coming into an office to perform your job. Home based jobs are typically performed 100% from home as well.

Are Remote Jobs Full Time or Freelance?

Before you accept a remote position, you need to be clear of whether this job is employee-based or freelance. If you accept a freelance job, you are most likely going to be responsible for paying your own taxes, insurance, equipment, and supplies in order to perform your duties. You should confirm this during your interview to ensure that you understand what you are signing up for.

Example Positions

Here are some common remote positions:

Customer Service Representative – average annual income is $47,000 per year

A customer service representative will perform duties that include working with clients directly by phone or chat, answering customer questions and solving issues. This position may also require the representative to handle returns, product orders, resolving complaints from customers, and providing information on products offered.

Virtual Assistant – average annual income is $49,500 per year

A virtual assistant performs secretarial and administrative duties from their home but under the supervision of a manager or supervisor. A VA can perform duties that include scheduling appointments, proofreading company documents, answering phone calls (which are rerouted to the home office), creating marketing materials, and adding managing customer databases.

Web Designer – average annual income is $43,500 per year

Web Designer duties include creating websites for individuals and businesses that are user friendly and attractive to customers. A web designer will use coding languages to create pages, outline specific designs, work with the client to assess their goals for the new site, and launch the website once you final client approval is received.


If you want to work from home, there are more companies than ever interested in hiring. You can find remote positions through the same methods as finding an office job; onlinejob boards and corporate social media accounts remain the most popular and effective ways to find legitimate remote positions in San Diego.

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