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An RN degree can open up numerous possibilities for your career. The degree you hold right now has been a long time coming. You have studied, worried, learned new skills, and passed the exams that led you to where you are today. RN jobs are on the rise and they are one of the higher paying healthcare positions out there, and with good reason. Keep reading…

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An RN wears many hats in the health care field. You will work alongside of a physician to provide the ultimate patient care. You will perform tasks that can range from assisting a patient up out of bed to assisting a physician in a specific procedure. If you are ready to find a job in Austin as an RN, you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you find the right job for you.

Who Hires RN’s in Austin?

There are many facilities that require an RN, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office, schools, private companies, home health, and more. When you have an RN degree, your possibilities really are endless because you can take that degree everywhere. You can find a position with an associate degree in RN or you can specialize with a bachelor’s degree.

  • Home Health – Because patients are struggling to get to doctor visits and other appointments, they may be letting their health go instead. Home health care is on the rise because it minimizes contact with others and the patients are more at ease receiving care in their homes. As an RN for a home health agency, you will drive to the patient’s home, perform routine exams including taking patients vital signs, check wounds, bandage wound, check medications and arrange for refills when needed, correspond with physicians and other health care providers to ensure the best of patient care.
  • Hospital – As an RN in a hospital setting, you will make rounds to check on patients in their hospital rooms. You will answer questions from patients and family members, correspond with doctors, laboratory, schedule diagnostic testing, talk to pharmacy regarding patient medication and more. As an RN, you will have LPN’s and CNA’s under your direction throughout the shift.
  • Physician’s Office – Working as an RN in a physician’s office gives you the opportunity to learn about each and every one of the patients that walk through the door; both young and old. You will perform tests under a physicians’ order, call in prescriptions, and more.

Working in any of these environments will provide you with a rewarding career that you will look forward to each and every day.


First decide what area in the RN field you want to work in and apply to all agencies within that field. Your degree puts you in demand so you can choose the job you want based on your interests.

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