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If you are wondering about RN Jobs, you should know that to become a nurse, you can earn a 2-3-year RN diploma, an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a four-year Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN). Regarding the jobs that an RN can have, you should know that the Nursing Degree can help you find some of the following jobs: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse, Physician’s Office Nurse, Nurse Case Manager, Nursing Informatics Specialist, School Nurse, Legal Consultancy Nurse, Research Nurse, and many others. Keep reading…

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Regarding the salaries for RN jobs, you should know that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pay for a registered nurse back in the year 2018 was about $71,700 per year. To understand it better, the median salary means that one-half of the people who are employed as nurses are earning more than the mentioned amount, and half of them are earning a smaller amount. So, back in 2018, the average pay for nurses was about $34 per hour. 

Example Positions

RN jobs are pretty often in need of new staff. At this moment, there is a huge number of open RN job positions. Just in Boston, Massachusetts, right now there are more than 3,500 open RN job positions. 

For example, DPH-Shattuck Hospital is looking for a Registered Nurse I, and the Solomon Carter Fuller MHC is looking for a Quality Care Registered Nurse IV. Dana- Farber Cancer Institute has an open place for a Staff Nurse position on Yawkey 8, and the Boston College requires a One-to-One Nurse- Campus School.

In Boston Children’s Hospital, there is an open position for a full-time Staff Nurse, and the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is looking for a worker for BFT Occupational Health Call Center. The same hospital (MGH) is looking for a New Graduate Staff RN, but also for Nurse and Staff for their Pediatric GI Ambulatory Clinic. Always Here Home Care has an open position for a Private Nurse, and the John Snow, Inc. and JSI Research and Training Institute are looking for a Covid-19 Vaccination Nurse Educator. 

As you can see by yourself, at this moment, there are so many different RN Jobs available in Boston, Massachusetts. RN Jobs are always wanted, but especially now, during these times of pandemic. 

Employee Feedback

When we talk about workers who had the chance to do RN jobs, it is important to say, that they all have been aware of the responsibility that this job carries. Nursing is observed as one of the most trusted jobs, and that is for a reason. The ones who do RN jobs are the ones responsible for the health of the people, and that is, we can agree, always the most important thing.

The RN job workers perceive this kind of job as stressful, tiring, and hard, but at the same time, they see these jobs as jobs that are bringing deep satisfaction, because while doing it, they can help others. Although they consider that they are earning a decent salary, most of the RN job workers think that they could be respected and recognized more than they are right now. 

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