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The medical industry is one of the largest economic sectors within the city of Houston, making nursing jobs one of the most common occupations within the city. The largest employer of nurses at all levels is the Houston Methodist healthcare system which spans seven different community hospitals and multiple associated clinics. Keep reading…

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The medical system in Houston is also known for its teaching capabilities for all positions in the medical system, including nursing. As a result, there are many opportunities in the area for nurses to earn their licensing and certifications while on the job in lower-level positions. The medical sector was also notably the only industry to experience any kind of growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, which nursing positions in particularly high demand. Houston in particular has opened thousands of nursing positions to assist with patient care and in preparation for the surge of patients and to offset the nationwide nursing shortage. As a result, many nursing salaries have increased, and benefits packages have become much more favorable.

Positions and Compensation

While over half of RN positions are found in hospitals, 40% are also distributed through a variety of other care and clinic settings including eldercare, hospice, or specialized positions in pediatric or emergency care. To become a Registered Nurse, one must graduate from an accredited nursing program. These can take the form of dedicated nursing schools, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the path they choose, RN’s can graduate from a nursing program in less than two years. After graduation, they must pass the NCLEX-RN exam and obtain a state license wherever they choose to work.

Most RN jobs pay over $34 hourly or an annual salary of $60,000, although some entry-level positions can be slightly less depending on the complexity of the position and the employer. An RN can rapidly increase their salary through gaining not only work experience but additional certifications or specializations in a wide variety of medical sectors including neonatal, surgical, and emergency nursing licenses. These additional certifications permit access to higher-level jobs and higher salaries, often approaching $80,000 or more annually.

Employee Satisfaction

Registered nurses and nurses in training overwhelmingly report high levels of job satisfaction. Although nursing can be hard and grueling work at times, it is extremely fulfilling for most nurses because there is tangible evidence of the care they offer patients. Additionally, Houston nurses in particular commend the healthcare system for its opportunities for advancement and training, as well as its excellent salaries and benefits packages that make Houston a particularly good city to be an RN in.

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