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Indianapolis and its surrounding metropolitan area are home to almost 900,000 people, according to an estimate in 2019 by the U. S. Census Bureau. The hundreds of thousands of people are served by 33 hospitals throughout Marion County. And we can’t forget the many local healthcare clinics, urgent care centers, nursing homes, physical therapy registered aides, rehab centers, and the like. This certainly speaks to a great need for medical professionals, including register nurses (RN). No one can deny the need for such personnel, especially in the wake of the tremendous global pandemic. Hospitals are being stressed to the breaking point. The need is greater than ever. Keep reading…

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Looking for a nursing job away from the front lines, so to speak. Well, Beyond Care in Indianapolis is looking for a registered nurse. That is, if you have five years or more experience in the area of geriatric care. Wee Beyond Care is an agency that connects families with aging parents with affordable, dependable, and caring caregivers. Once you call well Beyond Care, they take over. They find an appropriate caregiver, handle all liaisons with funding partners, such as insurance and government programs, and provide a nurse on-call, 24/7 in your vicinity to respond to emergencies and answer questions.

The position being offered involves providing every aspect of geriatric care, not just to the elderly patient, but to their family as well. A successful candidate must have five years of experience in geriatric care in the area of home health care management. They must have the ability to successfully complete a background check and have a current nursing license. Salary for this position goes from $80k to $150k, depending, of course, on qualifications.

Capitol Street Surgery is a surgical center offering varying types of procedures, including plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecological procedures, cesarean births, and general surgery. They are currently seeking an operating room RN, preferably with at least two years of experience in the field, one year with the proper experience. The position does require employees to agree to work a five-day work week, with no evening, no weekends, and noon-calls. The shifts vary from eight to ten hours, and the salary is $35 to $39 per hour.

The Center for Pain Management, as the name surely implies, is a treatment center for those suffering from various types of pain, whether chronic or caused by a recent injury. Various treatments are offered from pain medication management to nerve blocking or stimulation from physical therapy to psychological therapy. This Indianapolis location is currently looking for an IV Infusion Nurse with experience in IV sedation or recovery. The position is from Monday through Friday, in 8-hour shifts. Candidates must be licensed registered nurses. The pay scale ranges from $28 to $33. This, of course, depends on the potential employee’s overall experience level and variety of other factors and qualifiers.

My Health Talent is a job placement service specializing in medical professionals. In this time of COVID-19, you couldn’t find a more front-line position as an RN than the one offered in Indianapolis by My Heart Talent. They are looking for an ICU Nurse in a traveling nurse position, an assignment that lasts for thirteen weeks. An ICU nurse provides direct care for patients who are acutely ill, some suffering from life-threatening conditions. The pay scale may seem extravagant, at $4273 per week, but the toll it can take is extraordinary. An active professional nursing license is required, along with a minimum of at least twenty-four months of experience working in “critical care”. Other certifications, such as PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), NIHSS (stroke care certification), and CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse certification) are certainly helpful and may be required for certain positions. If you have the fortitude, this is a superb job opportunity for the right candidate.