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Being a registered nurse, or RN, you get the satisfaction of taking care of others while getting paid. RN’s work in many different aspects of health care such as pediatrics, nursery, OB/GYN’s, surgical, elder care, and in specialized fields such as cardiac care and oncology. Nursing is always going to be in demand as long as people get sick, age, and need care. Keep reading…

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An RN living in San Diego has several opportunities to grow in their career. As an RN, you can work for a hospital, doctor’s office, school clinic, hospice center, nursing home, home care, and other places.

Salary and Benefits

There are many factors that help determine how much an RN will make.

Compensation factors include:

  • How many years have you been an RN? If you are new and just graduating, you are only going to make the entry level pay for an RN. After a short while you’ll have some real-world experience, and will see an increase in pay.
  • How many days you can work a week – in most cases, a nurse will work 3, 12-hour shifts per week, or 4, 10-hour shifts, or 5, 8-hour shifts. Some just want to work the weekend and have the week off.
  • What shifts can you work – while day shift is the most popular shift to work, many choose to work night shift and because of that, they are offered a shift differential in addition to their hourly pay.
  • The setting that you will work – RN’s at a hospital may be paid more than those working at a clinic.

An RN just starting out in a hospital can expect to be paid approximately $40 per hour with no experience. For an RN just starting out in other facilities such as hospice and home care, you can expect a pay of $35 per hour. Most agencies will award dedicated RN’s that prove themselves to be dependable and educated in their field.

Employee Feedback

There are a variety of opinions in the RN field. While some RN’s find that the position can be overwhelming and demanding, others feel that it is the most rewarding position available. An RN allows you to work directly with the patient to be a part of their healing.

RN positions are not easy. You must be able to handle the worst moments of a patient’s day. You are interact with physicians, lab techs, patient’s, patient’s family members, and more. You deal with feces, urine, blood, spit, mucus, sweat, and must maintain poise. You hold patients when they are not going to be around much longer, you talk, sing, read, and comfort strangers to help them through the toughest times of their lives.


If you want to find a challenging position to work with the compensation to match, then an RN job might be a good fit. Once you gain the necessary education and certification, you can apply for the job in a setting that best fits your interests.

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