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There are several different jobs available in the biotech industry in San Diego. Biotechnology researchers come up with solutions to the most critical problems facing humanity and develop solutions that can truly change the world. If you are searching for San Diego biotech jobs, you have come to the right place. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Biotech Jobs

While there are many biotech positions available, finding the right one for you may take a little bit of research to ensure that the position you go after is one you are qualified for – since there are many types of roles in this field.


The salary for biotech depends on which field you decide to go to.

Here are a few examples of titles and pay:

Biomedical Engineer – Pay on average is $88,000 per year

The biomedical engineer uses expertise to create solutions to issues in biology as well as medicine. By improving the goals and quality of healthcare, patients can have access to better more modern devices such as medical software to help physicians understand the patient’s needs.

Biochemist – Pay on average is $91,000 per year

Biochemist’s study the chemical properties that make up living things as well as the biological processes that include cell development and growth and diseases. Research is also done on drugs, nutrients, tissues, and hormones.

Medical Scientist – Pay on average is $82,000 per year

Medical scientist’s performs clinical research in order to improve the health of patients by taking on diseases and learning new prevention methods, medical device testing and development, analyzing medical samples in order to determine underlying causes and understanding the available treatments.

Job Responsibilities

To give you an idea of the range of responsibilities which exist in biotech jobs, here are some sample job overviews for common open positions in the area.

  • Microbiology Research Assistant – For this position, the qualified candidate will work with the Navel Health Research Center (NHRC) Infectious Disease Field Surveillance and Laboratory Research Services to conduct laboratory-based surveillance of the United States military populations in an environment that is unique to study illnesses and their effect.
  • Biochemist – A Biochemist must be able to work independently in order to perform a variety of tasks, creating theories and techniques. It’s also important that all tests are documented, labeled, and entered into data systems by the deadline issued. To handle this position, you must be able to understand the background of the issue as well as the technical details of the chemistry.

Other biotech positions include research and development, manufacturing, software engineering, quality assurance, food, animal, and environmental science, project management and business management.


It’s important to pursue a career in a field that can possibly change the world, invent a cure for a disease or virus, come up with a new artificial organ to help people live longer. The possibilities are endless.

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