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San Diego is a great place to live and work. San Diego offers many potential job seekers a multitude of opportunities to not only work at a job they are most interested in but to do get paid for doing something they like. Whether you have lived in San Diego all your life or you are just settling in, there is a job out there for you. Keep reading…

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Before you begin your job search, you should have a resume professionally prepared so you can answer questions as you fill out job applications online and have something to hand individuals once you are on site. You can do a simple search on a major search engine to find out what positions are available for you in San Diego.

You can choose from:

  • Food service industry – This field is perfect for someone who likes to create dishes, follow menus, or enjoys preparing food for others. This industry offers ample opportunities to in a variety of positions from front-line customer relations to preparing dishes at the finest establishments.
  • Health care industry – This field has several different opportunities that all come together to help others. From answering phones and registering patients to being a physician at the hospital, you can create your own path in health care and work your way up throughout your career. The health care industry is always growing in demand.
  • Public Relations – When it comes to news, most people turn to social media and apps to keep them up to date on everything happening in the area and around the world. Behind the scenes are hardworking people who like what they do. They put a lot of time and effort into each story they put forward and brand they represent.
  • Education – Education is always in demand and as a person in the education field, you could work in any number of positions from a day care assistant or supervisor to a college professor. Teaching is not the only title earned in education; it takes cooks, janitors, administration, secretaries, teaching assistants, guidance counselors, principals, and vice-principals to fulfill a child’s education.
  • Retail – Whether it is ringing up sales at the cash register or stocking shelves, you can make retail a career when you put your best into it. In order for products to make it to homes and businesses, there must be retail professionals working hard in the field.

What’s a Good Fit For You?

It’s also important to know how often you can work before you begin applying for jobs. You may only be able to work part time or you may want to get benefits and go full time. You may also apply for a position that is only temporary at the time. You will also need to decide if you can work only daytime hours or nighttime. Because certain positions such as health care are 24/7, you must take the time to find a regular shift that is convenient for you and your family.

How Much Should You Be Paid?

You can earn more when you bring more to the table. If you have a certification, degree, or experience, be sure to let that shine during your interview. Pay will be determined by each individual company. Before you go to your interview, do a quick search online to see how much employees are being paid to do what you are applying to do.


Do your research and only apply for jobs that you already have the skills in as well as the interest. This will help you land the job in a field that you actually enjoy, making work that much easier and fulfilling.