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Working for the school system is an important job. You are preparing the minds of today for the future and with that comes great pride and respect for all that teachers, principals, and all others involved in the school system. Every job in the school system is important and every position need filled in order to meet expectations. If you want to be a part of the school system, read on to learn more. Keep reading…

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About Columbus OH School Jobs

There are over 51,000 students that are enrolled in school within Columbus Ohio. This is one of the largest districts in the state. Schools are constant and something that you can count on now and always. There are hundreds of positions that are filled each year in order to make the school year run.  The school is located at 270 E. State Street Columbus, OH 43215. There are 109 schools located in Columbus City School District.

Jobs in the schools are divided up as follows:

  • Teachers
  • Principal and Assistant Principal
  • Administrative – this position could include school bus driver, mechanic, HVAC professional, secretary, and legal assistant.
  • Certificated positions – these positions include instructional assistant positions and substitute teacher positions
  • Civil Service positions – these positions include custodial services, healthcare, therapists, environmental services, computer professionals, and any other non-teaching employee position.
  • Supplemental positions – these positions include athletics and advising positions

Employee Experience

With 48 reviews, the school system was given an average a 4.2 – Star review. Employees that gave this school district a 2.0 – star review mentioned that there was not enough guidance when dealing with administration. Another employee rated the district low because they stated that unless you were certified, you were only a number.

Employees that rated this school 4 – star and 5 – reviews mentioned that their skill set was acknowledged there and they were recognized for what they did. They also mentioned that the environment was happy and a good place to make a career that is fulfilling.


Anywhere you choose to work, you have pros and cons to sort through. If you are sure about your career as a teacher, don’t let the world change your goals. Being in the school system is one of the hardest careers you can have but it is also the most rewarding. If you have a desire to work in the school system, whether its administrative or teaching, Columbus City School jobs are a good place to go. You are surrounded by a team of employees that are there for the same reason, the kids.

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