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When you are ready to make a difference in young minds, then you need to consider a job in Portland schools. The school system makes a great adventure even better when everyone is there for the right reasons. School jobs consists of many functions: teachers, principals, advisors, counselors, administration, athletics, electives, and more. If this sounds like something you are ready to do, here are a few basic tips to apply for Portland school jobs. Keep reading…

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About Portland School Jobs

You will want to start your search for a job by visiting this link Once on this link, you will be able to choose “view all jobs”. This will open up all the job positions available for new hires. You will be able to click on jobs you are interested in to see if you are a good match. If you are then you can go ahead and apply for the position as well as upload a current resume.

Some jobs that are available include:

  • Grade 2 teacher
  • Virtual advanced math teacher or science teacher
  • Physical education teacher

Job Search Process

As you see a position you are interested in, you can view details and then click on the box located to the left of the job title. Once you have looked over all positions, you can go up to the top and click on “Apply for Job”. This will give you the opportunity to apply for the positions you are interested in without leaving the website or your home.

Once you apply for your position, you will be able to return to the link given above to check on the status of your application or to receive and answer messages from someone in human resources. This site is always up to date on the latest in openings. You also have the option to save your favorite job position so you can go back to them when you are ready for a change.


The benefits you qualify for as a new hire will depend on the position you accept. You can learn more about benefits at this website . The benefits are paid by the association chosen within the classification of your position. Benefits for each position will depend on what department that position is coming from. For example, a bus driver will have different benefits than an athletic director would.

Employee Feedback

Out of 146 reviews, the schools rated on average 3.7 stars. Employees had a mix of pros and cons when leaving a review. Pay, benefits, and time off are some of the pros. Cons include lack of support.


When you are searching for a job, you want to find one that gives you the opportunity to grow and stick with long term so you can not only make a career out of it but enjoy the benefits of working there long term. An educational position, whether it is janitor or teacher, is rewarding and beneficial to you now and in the future.

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