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If you want to be a part of a team that works hard to make a positive impact on a child, then school jobs in San Antonio may be your next career move. There are so many positions that work hard to help each child to reach their own independent goals in their education. From the cook in the cafeteria to the teacher in the class, there is a job for you in the San Antonio school system. In any position you see offered in the school system, a minimum of a high school diploma is required. Keep reading…

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About San Antonio School Jobs

Here are some typical school related positions you will find:

  • Substitute Teacher – this position requires that you work in a given classroom for the day performing routine teacher tasks in order to teach and handle the students in a professional manner.
  • Language Teacher – you will spend your day teaching language to students in a professional manner.
  • Journeymen Tlectrician – In this position, you will be responsible for all the lighting throughout the school. You will also oversee duties that the school systems require.
  • Teachers for the Teacher Pool – if you qualify, you will be added to the teacher pool where your name and resume will be kept in case of any openings or substitutions needed throughout the school year.

The pay for these jobs very depending on your experience. A Spanish teacher with experience may make $52,000 to $54,000 per year. An entry level Spanish teacher may make $45,000 per year.


The school system offers a good benefit package which includes:

  • Health Insurance – This includes medical insurance, vision, and dental
  • Retirement – The retirement program allows you to increase your retirement deposits with each check you receive, and they match it.
  • Leaves of Absence – if you need time off work, they do offer paid leaves as well as non-paid leaves.
  • Prescriptions – whether you want to go pick up your medications at your local pharmacy or you want to have it delivered by mail, the prescription program will help you manage your health and your cost.

In this field, you normally work a day shift position Monday through Friday with weekends off. You may also get holidays off as well as breaks such as winter break, spring break, and summer break.

Job Search

There are nineteen school districts within San Antonio, Texas. Each school system has their own website that lists job positions available within that district. You can find each district using a simple Google search and then click on positions available. Once you find a position you are most interested in, you can apply for the position online. You will be required to upload your resume and any certifications or license you possess.


If you want a rewarding career, the school system has positions that need filled. While the hiring process may seem lengthy, it is worth it in the end when you can stand in front of a classroom filled with young minds listening to you teach.

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