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No career is more satisfying than that of a school employee. Being a part of how the children learn and socialize is important at every age. Whether you want to be a teacher or a custodian, you can make a difference in someone’s life. Keep reading…

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About Seattle School Jobs

Public schools in Seattle is considered one of the largest K through 12 school systems in the state of Washington. They value their commitment with each student and ensure that each student not only graduates but is ready for his or her life choice. Students come first in Seattle schools and therefore, are the number one consideration in all decisions made. No matter how a child learns or what learning disability they have, the school system is going to see them through.

Jobs in Seattle Schools are divided up as follows:

  • Teachers – directly work with students to teach, guide, support, and challenge each student to reach their potential.
  • Principal and Assistant Principal – watch over, guide, and monitor children and teachers as well as other staff in the facility during a school day. The principal and assistant principal is the connection to parents and teachers.
  • Administrative – A professional in administrative will be responsible for answering phone, offering guidance, assisting the principal and assistant principal to conduct business.
  • Certificated positions – these positions include instructional assistant positions and substitute teacher positions
  • Civil Service positions – these positions include custodial services, healthcare, therapists, environmental services, computer professionals, and any other non-teaching employee position.
  • Supplemental positions – these positions include athletics and advising positions

Employee Experience

Out of 137 reviews, the school employees rated this school system a 3.8-star review. Former and present employees that offered a review viewed Seattle public school system in many different ways.

The pros of this school seemed to be the children who went there. Other perks included the benefits offered as well as the opportunity for advancement if an individual was interested and applied themselves. Some of the cons included poor working environment and crowded classrooms that were disruptive to everyone.

Other challenges included not feeling like part of the solution when it comes to asking questions or trying to better a situation that involves the students.


No matter what position you apply for, you are going to be working at a job you like to do. Whether you have a degree, a certification, or you are just trying to pick up experience, it’s important that you follow your goals and meet or exceed them. A school system is an investment. They have been around for many years and will continue to be around as long as the children need a place to go for an education.

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