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Have you ever thought about working a government job in Seattle? There are several positions that the government hires in order to keep things working smoothly. The federal government is constantly hiring and is considered the nation’s largest employer. Keep reading…

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About Seattle Government Jobs

You do not need to live in Washington, DC in order to get a job through the government. There must be an opening for you to apply. You can find many openings on the website and apply online as well.

Pros and Cons

There are so many government jobs available in the Seattle are from time to time. If you have been wondering if a job with the government is right for you, here are a few pros and cons to help make your decision.


  • Great benefits
  • Great pay
  • You can find a job based on your interest
  • Jobs are available around the world
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Advancement opportunities


  • While the job is rewarding, it is not always rewarded quickly
  • The hiring process is very long
  • While the pay is high for government jobs, it’s not a job that you will get rich doing

Government Positions In Seattle

Some positions you may find available in the Seattle area include:

  • Contract Specialist – part of your job duties would include developing and documenting a strategy for procuring supplies as well as services
  • Human Resources Specialists – uses experience as well as expertise to handle responsibilities that are assigned. Must know FAA regulations
  • Program Analyst – Serve as a staff analyst, advisor, and evaluator in order to improve the effectiveness of administration
  • Program Support Assistant for Veteran’s Affairs – provides support, aides, and serves

Employee Experience

There is a wide spectrum to consider when searching for government jobs because the government has such a large field that needs filled at all times.

Out of 655 reviews, the government was rated a 4.3 star. Some reviewers said that the traveling was great because they were able to see places they normally wouldn’t get to however, traveling often made it difficult to socialize much. Other reviews commented on the equality of women in government positions compared to men. They felt that for the most part, they were treated as equals. Another review stated that the benefits were great; a 401k plan, sick pay, vacations, were all included in the position.


If you have been thinking about a job with the government, you may be feeling a little intimidated by it but there is no need to be. The government jobs are just like any other job; you get what you give. You won’t be given a drill sergeant to yell at you as you do one hundred pushups and you won’t have to go live in the barracks; you live a normal life and go to work every day like everyone else. If you are ready to find a job where your interests matter, see what government jobs are available in Seattle for you.

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