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Living in Seattle has its advantages, especially when it comes to finding jobs. There are so many big and small companies looking for serious, dedicated people to help make their company better. Looking for a job can be overwhelming. Keep reading to learn how to gain control over your job search and focus on what matters the most. Keep reading…

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About Seattle Jobs

Seattle is home to many large companies like Amazon, but they are not the only company that hires. In fact, maybe Amazon services is not what you are looking for. You can narrow down your job search for Seattle jobs by determining where your interests are and what certification or skills you currently possess. Here are some choices:

  • Hospitality Jobs – there are hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, campgrounds, and Air BnB’s available in the Seattle area. 
  • Healthcare Jobs – Working in a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, schools, long term care facilities, and other health care facilities as a doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, optometry, dental, surgical, labs, radiology, and more.
  • Food service jobs – every restaurant, hospital, school, private companies, and cafes in Seattle all need dedicated and talented employees to work.
  • Education – From teachers to administration, there are many positions available to assist in education.
  • Community – City and county jobs, and child or senior care.
  • Communications – radio, television

Once you decide what field you want to find a job in, decide when you are available to work. In healthcare and other jobs, employees are needed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Then decide what days you are available and if you want to work full time, part time, or temporary.


It’s important that you know or have an idea of what you need to get paid from a position that you accept. Know before you even apply so you don’t waste time on jobs that are ready to hire you immediately. Instead, determine what pay requirement you have on each position you are interested in working. Then apply to all you qualify for.

It’s also important to consider if you have a degree or certification in a particular field because this will increase your pay. If you have any degree or certification, copy it, and send it with your resume.  Placing your certification and degree with your resume lets the employer know that you are interested, and you are qualified.

Finding the Right Job in Seattle

Once you know what you want to do or what you are capable of doing, you can begin your job search. The best place to look for a job is online. You have the time to read job descriptions and determine if the job is for you before you go any further.  Choose a couple of days each week that you are able to schedule interviews once companies receive your application. Always call and confirm an interview twenty-four hours before the appointment is scheduled if you have time.


Finding Seattle jobs is not going to be hard if you start by organizing your process first. Finding the right job makes going to work so much easier.