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Working in security is one of those jobs where you do not require a professional degree. The easiest way to get security jobs in NYC is by having a few contacts and some field experience. Keep reading…

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About NYC Security Jobs

Almost anybody can get a security job in NYC – but there are certain ways to get experience in security training, which helps you get higher-paying jobs. One way to gain experience is through training programs. Certain military work helps you gain all the expertise you need to get a high-paying security job in NYC. Other civilian training programs or security training seminars can also help you in this field.

About Security jobs

The most popular security job in NYC is a security guard. While some people may consider this job monotonous or boring, it can also be exciting depending upon the job you get.

In many companies, security jobs are provided with a contract that gives you job security. This is important for people who work as security guards as a part-time job while getting their degree to get extra money. A majority of security jobs involve asset protection, such as in construction companies, car rentals, or even grocery stores.

As a security guard, you gain certain perks as well. This could include discounts at the company where you work or a chance to attend local community events or carnivals. Such perks allow you to have fun while working as a security guard – especially by working hours during the day and meeting new people while on the job.

Common workplaces for security jobs include:

  • Street shops
  • Airport security
  • Office building security
  • Factories
  • Real estate
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores


Having a security job in NYC means good pay – especially if you are a student. It is an easy job to get because it requires no formal degree or experience. The job is fairly easy, too, since you spend most of your time guarding or protecting an area. A typical security guard in NYC earns $14.36 per hour, according to Compared with other jobs, this is good pay since responsibilities are at a minimum. Security jobs mostly require you to lock gates, check passes, take reports, or walk around the building during the night.

Career Path

Most people work as security guards in NYC as a part-time job, usually in the evening or on an overnight shift. While most people do not consider this job a career prospect, it can easily be profitable.

To pursue a security career in NYC, you can start by working at retail stores and eventually making your way up to large corporations. This could include being a security guard at government offices or even at the airport. The better the organization, the higher the pay that you receive by working there.

The Final Word

Getting a job in security in NYC is both simple and fulfilling. For most people who work in this field, it is a good enough job to gain extra money overnight or on the weekends when you can easily utilize your time.

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