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Many people still have this perception that staffing agencies are of no use, as these agencies provide jobs that are either temporary or the level of job is for those looking for an entry-level job. Some, on the other hand also believe that these agencies do not care for the workers as such as they do not provide them with benefits. Believe us when we say that none of the above perception or opinion is right or correct. If anything, a job searcher can land a great job through these staffing agencies. Moreover, these staffing agencies hire not only entry-level job seekers but also higher management like the managers or the CEO.  Keep reading…

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About Chicago Staffing Agency Jobs

Staffing agencies act as the middle party between the hiring company and the hired employee. Companies hire the services of a staffing company that finds suitable resources for them. The agency is required to interview the right and suitable candidates for the job, and get them hired at suitable roles. Then the staffing agency pays the employee working for the company. In simpler words, the companies outsource certain functions of their organization to the staffing companies for example recruitment of certain positions, etc. 


Following are some of the staffing agencies operating in Chicago:

  • HireNexus – This is one very popular staffing agency which has been operating for quite some time now.
  • PeopleCaddie – It is a mobile staffing agency operating in Chicago which works towards hiring white-collar contractors for the hiring managers.
  • The Chicago Hire Company – This is also very popular, but a small-scale agency that provides full hiring staff services.
  • Working World Staffing Services
  • Partnership Employment
  • Team Bradley, INC

Following are the jobs you can find in these staffing agencies:

  • Production worker
  • General Labor
  • Recruiter 
  • Healthcare recruiter
  • Staff Recruiter
  • Customer service representative
  • Data entry office assistant
  • Staffing Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Junior Temporary Recruiter
  • Inbound customer service representative
  • On-site Recruiter
  • Prevention specialist
  • Certifies Nursing Assistant
  • Part-time receptionist
  • Client service associate
  • IT Digital Recruiter
  • Food service worker
  • Staffing consultant
  • Sales recruiter

These are some of the staffing agencies you can find in Chicago, along with some jobs one can land on through these agencies. Other than that, there are a variety of other jobs one can find, which can be on a contractual basis, can be full-time jobs or part-time jobs as well. 

Employee Experiences

The employees who have worked at the staffing agencies or found jobs through staffing agencies in Chicago found the jobs very rewarding. The environment, job, culture, and everything combined have proven to be a great experience for them. 

Final Words

Chicago is filled with job opportunities for all kinds of workers looking for jobs. The city itself is filled with organizations that result in high employment opportunities. Staffing agencies play a great role in hiring suitable candidates or suitable jobs, which is why if you are looking for a job, do not forget to apply at these agencies too. 

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