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If you are looking for a job through a staffing agency, then it would be good to inform yourself what is a staffing agency. You can also find this agency among the name “employment agency”. Staffing agency is nothing but a business organization that connects employees and companies that are looking for workers. So, whenever a company requires additional workers, that company can employ a staffing agency to facilitate the search. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Staffing Agency Jobs

A staffing agency is making sure that the right candidates are sent to suitable working positions. No matter if you are looking for a temporary or a long-term job, you can find it through a staffing agency. Also, it is important to know that you can find three different types of jobs through a staffing agency. The first type is temporary jobs, the second one is temp-to-hire jobs, and the third is direct-hire jobs. 

But, for the ones who would like to find a job in those staffing agencies, not to find jobs through them, there are a lot of possibilities at the moment. Of course, giving that the pandemic crisis has started to influence the economy, the number of open positions in staffing agencies is reduced, but there is still a need for staffing agency workers. 

Example Positions

In Dallas, Texas, at the moment, there are about 600 different jobs. For example, GDT would like to hire a Senior Technical Staffing Account Manager, and at Deloitte, there is an open position for Organizational Change Management. Deloitte has an open position for Lead, Experienced Recruiting Specialist (Risk & Financial), and Workbridge has a position for Entry Level Sales & Tech Recruiting Specialist. If you would like to work as a Talent Acquisition Recruiter, then you should know that Roofstock is looking for a worker in that position. AmerilHome Mortage has an open position for a Correspondent Operation specialist, and also, there is an open position at Pyramid Technology Services, for a Resident- Storage Management Consultant, but this is a remote position. 

Compensation and Feedback

The salary for Staffing agency jobs varies, but the average salary is between $36 800 up to $42 500, per year. 

The employee experiences with Staffing agency jobs are mainly positive, but that depends on one worker to another. The main benefits of staffing agency jobs are the bonuses that the workers are achieving, on a monthly or yearly level. Most of the workers who were hired in different agencies are emphasizing the fact that they are rewarded for their hard and good work. Whenever they complete their tasks successfully, they are rewarded with additional money, and that gives them the motivation for trying even better.

The “bad side” of working for staff agencies is that usually, the workers must work long hours. For some, working in these kinds of agencies was stressful, but, in the end, most of the workers agreed that all those “bad things” are nothing comparing to the benefits that come from decent paying, consistent work.

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