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Staffing agencies can provide a valuable service to those who are searching for employment. They are also beneficial to companies that may be looking for employees. If you are interested in looking for a job, then you may want to consider going through a staffing agency and saving yourself a lot of time searching around for the right job. Keep reading…

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When you begin your search through a staffing agency, you will need to have a resume that is current. Your resume should represent you in the best way possible. If you need a resume, the staffing agency can assist you with that too.

For Businesses

If you are a business, you depend on your employees to keep your business up and running. In some cases, employees will need off or they will quit or give you a notice that will end their employment. In order to replace that individual, the business would need to advertise for the position after determining that the company needs that position filled and has the funding to do so.

They will need to look over all the applications that come in. They will need to call each individual in for an interview that works for both schedules.

They will then need to call all references and do a background check to determine that the individual is worthy of the position that is available. Finally, the position will need to be offered and plans made with human resources department to process the paperwork to get them ready to hire.

All of this takes too much time and that is why it’s sometimes easier to pay a fee to hire a staffing agency to do all of this for the company. The staffing agency will do the advertisement, the interview, the background checks, the reference checks, and then call backs. They will hire and send them over to human resources to finish out the task.

For Job Seekers

If you are looking for employment, a staffing agency will keep your application on file and pull it from time to time when a position comes up matching your skills. They will call you in for an interview and call you back if you qualify for the next steps. They work with the companies to get the position filled as quickly as possible.

Local Agencies

Here are a few staffing agencies that are available in Detroit:


Staffing agencies can bring employees and employers together with one goal; to fill a position that is valuable to both. Working with staffing agencies is a great way to search for jobs in an efficient manner. You will know what jobs are available, how long they have been available, and what the company requires and offers before you even talk to the company directly.

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