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Sometimes searching for a job online can be overwhelming because there are so many to choose from. There are so many jobs available and there are so many online job boards that offer those positions, and they compete to be better than the other. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your job search, you may want to consider turning to staffing agencies to help you find the right job for you. Keep reading…

New NYC Staffing Agency Jobs

About NYC Staffing Agency Jobs

There are several staffing agency jobs in New York to choose from. In order to access these available jobs, you must first register with that staffing agency. Staffing agencies do a lot of work behind the scenes. Here’s a little history about staffing agencies.

When a company has a position available, they can choose to go through the hiring process themselves by advertising, interviewing, providing paperwork and other details upon hiring, arrange for training and orientation, and putting the new hire on the payroll. If the company is already short-handed, they may decide to delegate this job out to a staffing agency to do everything for them.

The staffing agency will do all of these tasks in order to find them the right individual for the job so the company can continue to function without interruption.

Contacting a Staffing Agency

Now, how do you contact a staffing agency in New York?

You have a few staffing agencies to choose from:

  • Aerotek: 757 3rd Avenue, 8th Floor New York, New York 10017 (p) 212-320-8700
  • Greenhouse Staffing: 55 West 39th Street – Suite 308 New York, New York 10018 (p) 212-889-7505
  • Randstad New York: 140 Broadway Suite 4450 New York, New York 10005 (p) 212-269-8400

Jobs Available at a Staffing Agency

Marketing Manager New York, New York $49.29 per hour

In this position, you will be responsible for working with several marketing channels to improve company outreach. Work on first part and third-party events, perform email marketing, work with online media, social media, and technical content creation on your own.

Customer Service Representative – New York, New York, $16.50 per hour

In this position, you will respond to customers phone calls and emails to assist customers with issues they may have or answer any questions they may have. You must be able to follow directions and record customer interactions.

Registered Nurse – New York, New York – $44.00 to $55.00 per hour

In this position, you will be responsible for direct patient care in New York. You will also be in charge of supervision staff within your department. Other duties will include assisting the physician, administering medications, and talking to the patient about their care.


There are several different job positions that are opened through a staffing agency. When you are ready to change your career, using a staffing agency will make the process smoother.

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