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Staffing agencies can help both job seekers and businesses looking for qualified individuals to fill a space within their business. For job seekers, it can save you a lot of time sorting through every position available in the San Antonio area trying to find that right job. For a business, the staffing agency can take the lead in posting the position, sorting through the applications, calling the ones who qualify in for an interview, and giving the business the narrowed down choices. Keep reading…

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About San Antonio Staffing Agency Jobs

A staffing agency will charge a business a fee, normally around 20% for finding an individual who meets the qualifications of the position. This is how the staffing agencies make money. They do a lot of the hiring process for the company which does save the company a lot of down time that can be utilized in a different way. They have the time it takes to search for potential candidates for the job.

For Job Seekers

The first thing a job seeker will do is either walk into the staffing agency office or log in online to their website and fill out an application, upload a resume, and any certificates or licenses they have achieved in their career. Once the agency has all the information needed, they will begin searching for companies that may be hiring someone based on the skills found on the resume. If they feel that there is a match, they will contact the business to see if they would like to proceed with scheduling an interview. If the candidate fits and the employer feels that they can work together, they will call the staffing agency and let them know to stop looking for another candidate because they are going with the one they sent.

The Process

When you are ready to search for a job, you will want to log into a few staffing agencies in the San Antonio area. Create a profile, upload your resume, and then you can begin searching for a job that is listed within the agencies’ website. Not all agencies will have the same job positions so you will want to set up a profile with each one in order to broaden the available positions within the area and hopefully offer you more choices.

Example Jobs

The jobs available can include any of the following:

  • Sitters needed – this could be for elder care, childcare, or animal care. The pay will depend on who you are providing care for. This could range from $10/hour up
  • Administrative assistant needed – Performing secretarial services such as answering phones, emails, texts, customer service, and more. The pay for an administrative assistant may start at $15/hour
  • Hospitality – whether it is cleaning hotel rooms or checking in guests, hospitality is a popular field to work in and is often looking to fill a position. Pay can start out at $10.50/hour
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, and private practices are constantly hiring individuals who have a background in health care. Whether you are a nursing assistant or an RN, you can most likely find a job. Pay can average $15/hour for a nursing assistant and $23/hour for an RN


Staffing agencies can help you land the job you want, and the process is fairly easy as long as you follow up with them. Don’t avoid their calls, keep your resume up-to-date, and search the agencies websites often for new postings.

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