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A startup refers to a company who has just been founded by an entrepreneur. Most startups aim to fill a gap in the market by providing a unique product or service that could be beneficial for customers. The typical startup only has a small team initially – usually consisting of family, friends, or very few employees depending upon the scale of operations. Keep reading…

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About NYC Startup Jobs

Working at a startup can be confusing for many people. While the job description sounds attractive and differs from the traditional workplace, a startup job also means that there are low pay levels and low job security offered.

Types of Jobs

Startup jobs can be of any type, in any industry. Since new businesses are founded every day in each industry, you can easily find a startup in any field that you work in. This could be anything ranging from technology to a bakery – and the job titles being offered will also vary accordingly.

The biggest advantage of working at a startup is that you can easily get a job. This is especially great for students, fresh graduates, or even people who have recently lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Employers at startups are willing to give a chance to fresh graduates to polish their skills since they will only be able to offer a minimal starting salary.

On the contrary, there are cons to working at a startup too. There could be longer working hours and higher expectations from the employer to generate sales and revenue.


Depending upon the industry you work in, the responsibilities of each startup job will be different. However, it is a well-known fact that people working in startups are often expected to work beyond their normal work hours and invest more effort into making the business successful.

The work environment of each startup is different. In the modern world and due to COVID-19, most startups have a remote model and offer the opportunity to work from home. While this is a great opportunity to gain a source of income during the pandemic when many jobs have been lost, having a startup job will always carry a great amount of risk with it.

If you work at a startup, you must be vigilant enough to notice whether the company is becoming successful or failing in the market. In case of failure, you should be quick to leave the company so you don’t invest your time and effort into a job that you will soon lose.

Current Startups

According to many reports, the following startups in NYC are likely to become successful in the near future.

You should look out for:

  • Choosy
  • Great Jones
  • Hydrogen
  • Kangaroo
  • Luminary Media
  • RealBlocks
  • Feather

Getting a job at a startup that is predicted to perform well can be a great opportunity.


Having a startup job is comparatively riskier than working at an established company. However, startups allow you to polish your existing skills and develop new ones as you work in a diverse work environment and grow professionally.

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