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There is no denying that taking on the responsibility of educating fresh-budding minds is a difficult task. Teaching in New York City can be a strenuous yet a very fruitful experience. With the growing population in NYC, finding a suitable job in this line of profession has become challenging for the applicants.  The information mentioned below can be beneficial for the one seeking employment in this profession. Keep reading…

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About NYC Teaching Jobs

Individuals who want to follow teaching as their profession have to apply for a traditional certificate. An individual is considered eligible for application only if he holds a bachelor’s degree and has completed a teacher’s certification program. It is to be noted that these programs must be done from accredited colleges of NYC so that you can easily qualify for the teaching certificate.

For a teaching position in NYC public schools, it is imperative to get your teaching certificate issued by the NYC Department of Education. It is one of the largest public school sectors that cater to approximately one million students by employing around 75,000 teachers.

 From the figures mentioned earlier, we can easily deduce that the competition for the teachers is tough. If you specialize in core subjects like math, language, and science, then there are opportunities available for you in the pipeline. 

However, the private and charter schooling system of NYC has different hiring approaches for the teaching candidates. Unlike public schools, no teaching certificate is required by them. Typically, a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience are enough to pass the eligibility criteria for the job application. 

Typical Jobs and Responsibilities

An educationalist is not the only job title that is found in this profession.

Many career opportunities are also available, for instance:

  • Academic consultant
  • Administrator
  • Associate teacher/professor
  • Assistant Dean
  • Career guidance counselor
  • Dean
  • Education specialist/technician
  • Health care provider
  • Librarian
  • Psychologists
  • Principal
  • Teacher/ professor

The responsibilities may vary based on the job title. For instance, a teacher/professor is in charge of designing, preparing, and delivering lessons based on the subject-specific curriculum guidelines. 

Similarly, a principal or a dean is responsible for formulating a long-term academic plan for the school or the college. They devise new leadership policies to manage the staff as well as to maintain decorum amongst the students. 


The average salary of teachers employed in New York City educational institutions (public or private) depends on the students’ age limit. The income level increases as the age range increases. 

The statistics issued by the New York Department of Labour in 2018 revealed the average salaries of teachers at various academic stages. For instance, elementary teachers’ net income in 2018 was $80,300, and Middle school teachers were $79,260.

Employee Feedback

The majority of the teachers highlighted many pros about working in NYC educational institutes. They all were satisfied with the well stable and cooperative management. They didn’t find the work pressure interfering with their personal lives and enjoyed getting to know people coming from different cultural backgrounds. A person who loves to acquire and deliver knowledge must pursue a career related to academics. Even though teaching jobs in NYC seem challenging, but 4%to 5% increase in employment is anticipated for educationalists until 2026.  

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