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Until recently, many people tended to ignore temp agency jobs, perceiving them as something that is not long-term. For many people, temp agency jobs were jobs where they would apply out of necessity because they would not have some other type of job in sight in near future. For some reason, people have had various prejudices when it comes to temp agency jobs. But the situation and the people’s point of view has changed. Keep reading…

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With the current pandemic situation especially. COVID-19 has affected so many industries, and that leads to a situation where temp jobs have become a nice way for people to keep their skills sharp. At the same time, temp agency jobs are a way for “staying in shape” and of course, for earning some money. We can also observe temp agency jobs as a pretty decent choice for someone who is thinking about transferring into a new industry, for those people who are thinking of taking the next step in their professional career. On temp agency jobs, you can learn some new skills, or practice the old ones.

Example Positions

Given the pandemic situation, there are not so many open positions in temp agencies currently. Right now, in the whole Boston, Massachusetts area there are only 30 open positions. For example, Emerson College has an open position for Temp, Spvr TV Production, and PTC is looking for a TA Consultant and a Field Technical NPI Project Manager.

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is looking for a Staff Assistant, but also, there is one open position there for a Senior Grant Administrator. Boston Medical Center is looking for a Temp- Staff Nurse, and in Boston Public Health Commission there is also an open position- Senior Program Manager for Public Health Planning. 


The average salary for jobs where employees were hired over a temp agency varies, depending on the company, the level of education, the work hours, and of course, the type of the job. The average salary is about $23.25 per hour. You should keep in your mind the fact that temp agencies are, in most cases, charging between 25% and 100% of the hired employee’s wages. 

Employee Feedback

The employees who had the chance to find a job over a temp agency are united when it comes to one fact: they all think that they have been paid less than they deserve. But to be honest, being paid less than you deserve is something that you know in advance. The good thing about temp agency jobs is that they don’t last forever. The temp agency job is something temporary. You will do it in a short period, and fortunately, you will find another job later. But no matter the price of labor is smaller than it should be, in the end- you are being paid, and that is the most important thing. 

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