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The terms ‘Temp Agency’ might sound new to some, but these have been in existence for more than centuries now. These agencies have served both the employees as well as the companies by giving them an option to move forward from in-house and traditional hiring practices. While such companies have greatly evolved with time, their ideology remains the same; to provide the best resource to the company. Not just this, but to also provide a list of resources to companies in order to help them find a suitable resource for them. Keep reading…

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About Chicago Temp Agency Jobs

A temp agency is majorly known as a temporary agency. As the name suggests, these agencies are responsible for hiring and matching suitable candidates with clients who are looking to fill jobs of temporary positions. Its services are quite similar to the staffing agencies but the only difference is that it provides candidates to fill shorter and temporary positions. Apart from just finding a resource, all kinds of background checks, drug testing, and training to improve skills are also given by temp agencies. Earlier temp agencies were perceived as the last resort for the unskilled workers to find a low paying job. However now, the perception has totally changed. Now, the people hired by the temp agencies are found working in different fields like business, medicine, technology, and engineering. 

Jobs and Roles

Following is the list of temp agencies operating in Chicago:

  • City Staffing
  • Aerotek
  • The Chicago Hire Company
  • Away staffing services
  • Frontline source group
  • Elite Staffing Inc.
  • Specialized staffing solutions
  • Temporary opportunities Inc. 
  • R S Temporary staffing Inc
  • SNI Temporary staffing company
  • Smart Resources

Following are a few jobs one can land on through these temp agencies in Chicago:

  • Onsite staffing account manager
  • Assistant plant manager
  • Manufacturing recruiter
  • Reg. express specialist
  • Digital Marketing recruiter (Temporary)
  • Digital Marketing coordinator
  • Commercial finance manager
  • Off duty police officer
  • Temporary research administrator
  • Referral specialist
  • Safety Manager
  • Utility worker
  • Hr. assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Business development assistant
  • Business development associate
  • Medical assistant

These are some of the temp agencies along with a few temporary jobs one can land in Chicago. You can find temporary, contractual, and part-time jobs when it comes to temp agencies. 

Employee Experiences

Employees who have landed jobs through temp agencies have found the experience very amazing. The jobs they have landed on through these temp agencies have proven to be very rewarding. Benefits provided to the employees as well as the culture and pay is more than satisfactory for the employees. 


If you are looking for temporary job opportunities in Chicago, then don’t forget to apply at these temp agencies as you can find yourself a great employment opportunity with the benefits you want. When it comes to Chicago, this city is filled with all kinds of jobs, permanent or temporary, part-time or full-time, so keep applying and you will find yourself landing on a job that is suitable for you and can bring new career growths in the coming future. 

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