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For all of you who would like to do some kind of a temp job, you should know that your first stop should be a specific agency. For most temp jobs, you would have to pass over a few steps such as filling the application for a specific job, then interviewing, and for many jobs, there is a good chance that you will have to do a specific assessment, so the agency could be sure that you are the right candidate for a selected position. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Temp Agency Jobs

You can observe the temp agencies as the mediator between you and the company that will hire you. So, no matter that you will be working for some company, you will still be an employee of a specific temp agency. That means that you will be paid directly from them, no matter that your working obligations and tasks are in some other company. After your work in a specific company has expired, you can find a new job via the same agency.

There used to be a huge number of available temp agency jobs, but now, that number has decreased, because of the current situation with the pandemic. Right now, in Dallas, Texas area, you can apply to more than 1,700 different open positions.

Example Positions

For example, the Texas Department of Public Safety is looking for a DPS-DLS- Temp License Specialist II, Reg Ops, and the K’ Dara CBD is looking for a Freelance Photographer. Refugee Services of Texas Inc has one open position for an Employment Case Manager, and the company IKEA has an open position for a Seasonal Warehouse Associate.

Kemper is looking for a PIP Coordinator and the NorthMarq Capital for a Seasonal/Temporary Analyst. Orkin LLC is hiring one person for Seasonal Inbound Sales, and at Southern Methodist University there is one open position for an Academic Operations Specialist. The Temporary Concierge is needed at FirstService Residential, and Garver is looking for a Site Inspector.

So, right now, you can find different Temp Agency Jobs in Dallas Texas, it is just a matter of your interests, your previous working experience, and of course, your field of education.

Compensation and Feedback

The average salary is dependent on many things, but we can say that working these jobs has provided average salary for the workers from $36,000, up to $49,000.  Usually, the ones who have found their jobs through temp agencies have been satisfied with most of the working conditions.One of the things that workers have perceived as satisfying is the fact that their payment is always on time.

But the negative side that the temp agency workers have marked, is the fact that they are earning less money than they should, given that the receives a percentage of their salary. But, given that that is something they knew before they started working, and giving that it is a condition that they agreed to, we can say that working through an agency has more good sides than bad ones. 

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