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Temp agencies, otherwise known as staffing agencies, are the middlemen between hiring companies and employees looking to work for a short period. Temp agencies can either provide temporary full-time jobs or temporary part-time Jobs. Our focus however is primarily on temp agencies in DC. Keep reading…

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About DC Temp Agency Jobs

Temp agencies are responsible for the employment of workers into a company. There are quite a number of temp agencies in DC that offer these services. What they do is help companies hire temporary workers by placing ads, screening, and running interviews before sending them in as recruits. Temp agencies understand how dynamic the DC job market can get, so their aim is to provide a solution to that. It is a good platform for both job seekers and companies seeking workers in DC.

Job Titles and Responsibilities

While some temp agencies focus mostly on accounting and healthcare jobs others focus on a wide variety like IT, legal, administrative, finance, creative, marketing, and office jobs.  Job titles may include Administrator, Bookkeeper, Clerical Support, Communication Assistants Human Resources, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Marketing Assistants, Office Administrators, Social Worker, Receptionist and so on.

Job Statistics

The primary income source of temp agencies in DC is the fees they receive from charging the employers of a company. Their income level is based on percentages, and the percentage markup received per employee depends on the level of skill/job he or she might be applying for and the location of the company. The standard fee charged by the temp agency is 12-50% of the employee’s pay per hour. The staffing agencies experience a yearly turnover of about 25%, whilst employment rate is high. Employees employed through temp agencies earn at different hourly rates depending on the company they work for.

Employee Feedback

20% of staffing employees go for temp agencies because of its flexibility. During application, about 90% of applicants apply for full-time jobs because of benefits. Other workers just want to make enough money by working in between jobs.  Because of the accurate “match-making” abilities of the temp agencies, many employees are satisfied with their jobs. More so, employees prefer to be hired through temp agencies because it makes them more comfortable with their jobs.


Temp agencies have a steadily overall economic growth, whilst providing avenue for employees to work and make more money. Apart from newspaper adverts, temp agencies are the first place to visit for any temporary job enquiries.