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A temp agency, often referred to as a “staffing agency” as well, is a company that contracts out temporary, seasonal, or part-time workers to other companies. Companies often use temp agencies because it takes the burden off them to handle the logistics of hiring, screening, and on-boarding new employees as well as the potential hassle of firing them because the agency handles all of that. Keep reading…

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About Denver Temp Agency Jobs

Agencies interview qualifies applicants and, if they have sufficient skills and certifications, they hire them as contractors. Then, when they are contacted by a company in need of a temporary position, they can quickly match then with a qualified employee. Temp agencies make their money by charging their contractors a premium to hire from their agency. This is typically in the form of a percentage of the salary that the employee makes during their time at the company.

Typical Temp Jobs

Temp jobs tend to be clerical and in an office setting, handling the work of answering phone calls, filing paperwork, typing, and other relatively menial tasks. For example, a law firm in need of a secretary might hire one through a temp agency so they do not have to waste the time finding a qualified worker.

While temp agencies can be a lucrative job opportunity for plenty of entry-level workers, especially those looking to get relevant experience under their belt, they have limited opportunities for advancement. However, it is possible to utilize time at a temp agency to form connections with companies and potentially get hired as a full-time worker later on.

Denver Temp Agencies

As in any major city, Denver has no shortage of temp agencies. Some of the major ones include Robert Half and the Frontline Source Group, both of which have established themselves as major players in the Denver temp agency market by catering to a wide variety of industries, from office workers to legal professionals to accounting.

Denver is full of plenty of other agencies with more specialized targets, such as Synergy Staffing which is healthcare-specific, or Valiant Staffing that has made it a priority to connect veterans with job opportunities.

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