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Temp jobs, or temporary jobs are available for a limited time, normally no more than six weeks or six months. A temp job is normally offered with no benefits because insurance companies normally won’t cover someone for a few weeks or a few months. Keep reading…

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About Detroit Temp Agency Jobs

When a temp job becomes available, they are usually given to temp agencies who will work to fill the position for the company. The temp agency will determine what position needs filled, the hours, the days of the week, what timeline they are expected to fill, and the termination date that the position will no longer be available.

Temp positions are normally offered when someone takes a leave, for example maternity leave to have a baby or when major surgery is needed. The permanent employee will need to be off for a specified amount of time in which the temp worker will fill in. When the permanent worker can come back, the temp job will be discontinued.

You may also see a temp position offered around certain holidays in order to fill large volumes of orders or deliveries that will need to be handled within a certain amount of time. The holidays are always a good example of this and delivery companies like FedEx and UPS may increase their staff for a temporary amount of time.

Job Search

Most employers will not advertise the temp jobs on their website otherwise they are plagued by potential job seekers who may or may not qualify. The temp jobs are normally offered through temp agencies within the Detroit area and can be easy to apply for.

Once you are signed into a temp agency website, you will need to create an account. This account links your resume to you along with your contact information that includes email address and phone number so someone can reach you if they want to hire you.

Once your resume is uploaded, you can begin to apply for positions that become available and you want to be considered for.

Local Agencies

Visit these websites, set up a username and password, upload a professional resume to your username, and start searching for a position that you may be interested in.

Pros and Cons


A temp agency is more organized and can speed up the job search, a temp agency will be the first person you will have contact within a temp job, the temp agency can answer all the questions you may have regarding the potential job.


A temp agency may not see your true potential, a temp agency may be directing more traffic to the position that needs to be, giving more competition to those who applied.


Temp jobs are nice. You are committed to a job or a position but only for a short period of time. You can take on as many jobs as you can handle through a temp agency which makes it fun and exciting to go to work.

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