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Temp agencies are an increasingly popular way for job seekers to find work quickly. Temp agencies are centralized companies that higher many qualified applicants to have “on-call” for when other companies contact them in need of their services. These agencies handle the hassle of hiring and onboarding so that companies do not have to spend the time and resources on finding and training new employees. Instead, businesses pay temp agencies a premium to send them qualified employees to fill temporary roles. Keep reading…

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About Houston Temp Agency Jobs

Businesses often use temp agencies to fill temporary vacancies, such as if a regular employee were on vacation or on temporary leave, seasonal positions, or as a place holder during transitionary periods. Temp agencies are typically used to fill clerical office work positions, like secretarial or data entry work, and thus select employees for their proficiency in these areas.

Job Types and Employers

Temp agency employees receive salaries based on whatever temporary positions they are filling. These positions can be as brief as a few days or last several months, depending on a particular company’s requirements. Some temp agencies take a small percentage of employee salaries as well in return for connecting them with positions. The average salary for generalized temp workers is just over $15 hourly, but that number can vary greatly depending on the particular position and the structure of the agency. Some of the largest generalized temp agencies in the Houston area are Clayton Services, Adecco Staffing, and Murray Resources. All three hire for general office work positions, rather than seeking out any specialties.

Pros and Cons

Temp agencies have distinct advantages and drawbacks. On one hand, temp agencies offer an easy route to employment. Most agencies do not have extremely high standards for qualifications, typically requiring that their workers have proficiency in Excel, typing, and customer service but having no educational or experiential requirements. That being said, a more qualified applicant may get put into higher-paid positions. Temp agencies also offer the potential to network and get job experience. If a company especially likes a temp worker, they may choose to hire them on as a permanent employee. The major downside to working for a temp agency is the unpredictability. Because jobs are so temporary, workers must bounce between companies at a moment’s notice which can make temp agency positions difficult to maintain long term.

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