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A temp agency, also commonly referred to as a staffing agency, is a company that connects businesses with qualified applicants for what are usually temporary or seasonal positions. Staffing agencies serve a wide variety of sectors, but they tend to be focused in office environments to fill lower-level positions, like clerical and secretarial jobs, that companies don’t have the time and/or resources to undergo the hiring process for. Keep reading…

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About Los Angeles Temp Agency Jobs

While temp agencies operate very similarly across the country, the unique economic makeup of Los Angeles means that they cater not only to clerical office jobs but to particular roles in the entertainment industry – a video editor, for example, might be hired from a temp agency instead of a company vetting one themselves.

Instead, temp agencies handle the hiring side of things upfront when they hire a new employee and ensure they are qualified, screened, and prepared so they can be matched efficiently with a company in need of a temporary fill-in. They typically make their money by charging a premium on the temporary worker’s salary, but contracts vary from agency to agency. They ensure companies get the qualified workers they need and that their employees are able to find temporary work.

Pros & Cons

Because they are so flexible, temp agency jobs are great for individuals just starting their careers. Temp jobs can facilitate a connection with a company and potentially lead to full-time employment if an employee chooses to apply to a company independent from the staffing agency they work for. Staffing agencies can also be an excellent way of accruing work experience by working in a variety of positions over a short period of time.

The downside to working for a staffing agency is that it generally isn’t a sustainable career. Most agencies don’t provide very good benefits to their temp workers and the unpredictability can become a major barrier to career progression until a worker removes themselves from the agency.

Temp jobs are great – but only temporary. On occasion, a particularly impressive temp employee can land themselves a permanent job at a company, but doing so typically requires multiple months of working for that company via the temp agency and the complicated process of circumnavigating the agency’s jurisdiction, so instances like this are relatively uncommon.

Local Agencies

Some of the major temp agencies in the Los Angeles area include Bristol Associates, which is a generalized staffing agency, D3 Legal Search, which is a 50-year-old agency that specializes in hiring our legal help and assistance to a variety of law firms and other private companies, and LA Jobs, which is another generalized employment agency that spans the sectors of customer service, technology, engineering, and data entry to name a few.

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