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Temporary work is sometimes all you need to stay in the workforce, pay your bills, and balance work/life. When you want to work but you don’t want to make that full time commitment, you may not have to. With a temp agency, you will get offers from part time to full time temporary positions that are available throughout Portland. Keep reading…

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About Portland Temp Agency Jobs

The temp agency will do the work for both you and the company that may be looking for someone. This means that search for applicants, interview them, send those who qualify for a particular position over to the company to meet the hiring recruiter, and then get paid by the company for doing all the leg work to bring them a good employee.

There are many positions available through temp staffing agencies that will fit most job seekers. Temp jobs could be available because someone quit a company suddenly and there was no one to step in or maybe they are filling a position needed to catch a company up when they are behind.

A temp agency can help a company fill a position quickly because they can take the information from the company and focus on that one position to fill it with one of the many resumes, they have on file. Once they find a match, they notify the company of the update and then start calling in potential matches for an interview. Sometimes a staffing agency will set up and handle the interviews and other times, the company wants to do their own interviews.

Duration and Hours

Temp positions are not made to last more than up to six weeks. They may only be a few hours per day or on certain days of the week. They may only be one or two days per week. They could also be for weekend work only. Because they are temp jobs, there is normally no benefits available for the person who accepts the position.

Temp Agencies in Portland

Each staffing agency will require that you register and create a profile. You will also need to upload your most current resume so they will be able to match your skills with positions that are open. Staffing agencies will then contact you if they have a position that comes open that you would be qualified for. You have the right to turn it down or to pursue the potential job if you are interested.


Fortunately, Portland has several temp staffing agencies available which means that you have more opportunity to find the job that you want to work.

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