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A temp agency, also known as a staffing agency, searches for prospective applicants and assigns them to a job, short-term or long-term. When a business needs to fill a short term or long-term position, they will sign a contract with the temp agency. The temp agency will then search to find the right worker with matching skills required to do the job. Then the company will pay the temp agency and the agency will then pay the temp worker. Keep reading…

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About San Antonio Temp Agency Jobs

Temp agencies normally focus on professions that include information technology, administration, office staff, healthcare, or industrial.

Some professional roles that you can find through a temp agency includes:

  • Accountant – Average pay $32 to $34 per hour. Will be responsible for all financial transactions of a business
  • Data Entry – Average pay $16 per hour. This position required that a hired worker enter information into a system on the computer, verify all entries, and update data as needed.
  • Customer Service – Average pay $14 to $16 per hour. This position requires that representatives answer phones and emails, process orders, and answer questions from customers.
  • Nursing – Average Pay: $14.25 to $35.20 per hour. The temp agency will hire all positions in nursing from a nursing aide to Registered Nurse. The individual hired will provide patient care in a clinic, long term care facility, hospital, or nursing home setting.
  • Administrative Assistant – Average pay is $19.16 per hour. This position will require the individual to work in an office setting. Duties may include scheduling appointments, answering phones, filing, data entry, invoicing, payment reminders, and more.
  • Truck/Delivery Drivers – Average pay is $15.30 per hour. This position requires individuals to load and unload trucks, pick up packages and deliver them too.

Benefits of Temp Agency Jobs

  • You can have a flexible schedule.
  • You can earn money quickly.
  • You can get a job quickly.
  • You get the opportunity to test out a new career that may interest you long term.

Finding an Agency

There are three ways that you can locate a temp agency in the area:

  1. Speak to hiring mangers or businesses you are interested in working for to see what agency they use to hire new staff
  2. Talk to family, friends, and former co-workers to see what temp agencies they recommend
  3. Search online for temp agencies in San Antonio. You will be given a few choices. Start with the first agency that shows up on your search results.


There are many benefits to using a temp agency to find a job. If you want to change careers, finding a temp agency could be a good way to do that without committing to a job indefinitely. Your commitment with any temp agency job is known up front before you accept the position.

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