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Temp agencies act as a link between companies and potential employees looking for work. When a company needs to fill a position for a short period of time, they will contact a temp agency and give them all the information about the job as well as their requirements for potential employees to identify. The temp agency will then search their data base to find possible applicants and then schedule a job interview with the company. Once the position is filled, the company will contact the temp agency to conclude the search. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Temp Agency Jobs

If you are looking for a short-term position for the summer or just to make a little extra money for something special, then you will want to contact a temp agency to see what they have available.

Working with Temp Agencies

To begin your search, you will want to make a list of positions you would be interested in and include a list of your qualifications and skills. When you contact the temp agency, they will ask you all these things anyway so having them ready will save you some time. Once your lists are complete, contact the temp agency to see what they have available. They may have you log into their website, create a user account, and upload your resume there so they can refer to it. Another option would be to visit the temp agency and fill out the paperwork in person. There is more than one temp agency available in San Diego so you may want to contact more than one to broaden your job search.

Types of Positions

Once you enter your information into the temp agency’s site, you can then go back and check the job board daily in order to see what has been posted and see if there is anything you would like to apply for. If you want to apply, there should be an “apply” button on the screen that will allow you to apply. The pay for each position varies, depending on many factors including the company, the tasks needed to perform, and the demand.

Job positions available may include:

  • Food service – This could range from working for fast food restaurants like McDonalds to working in a kitchen at a resort.
  • Certified nursing assistant – Providing direct care to patients in the home, clinic, or hospital setting. A certified nursing assistant is certified by the state and is capable of performing tasks that include bathing, dressing, ambulating, transporting, taking vital signs, changing beds, feeding, and more.
  • Hospitality – In the hospitality business you could be answering phones at the front desk or providing maid service to rooms on the floor and performing tasks such as changing beds, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and restocking the room with supplies.
  • Administrative assistant – This title can be responsible for many office tasks from answering the phone to filing, printing, and more. The administrative assistant will work closely with management to keep the company functioning smooth.


Most of the time these positions are temporary and will end at some point. Keep your application up to date in case you run across a job you are interested in at some point in the future.

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