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Are you tired of your grim, fatiguing routine? Ever considered changing your line of profession or have you ever aspired to opt for a job that is related to your interests? Well, if you are talented and creative in terms of arts and music, you should immediately reckon to swap your working line to do something in which you not only invest your time and energy but also can seek contentment. In theatre, you can have a shot at various positions, for instance, directing, play writing, designs and costumes, stage crew, sound and light technician, and so on. Keep reading…

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The minimum education requirement for candidates is to have a high school diploma, but having the following requisites can be favorable for you:

  • To get employed for creative positions like directing, multi-media technician, etc. the applicant must earn a bachelor’s degree in programs like drama, theatre studies, and dance. If you are pursuing acting, there aren’t any specific criteria to meet in terms of qualification. Still, it would help if the applicant could ponder over the notion of getting enrolled in drama and theatre arts courses that would only polish and refine their talent.
  • If you are looking for a basic theatre job like a theatre attendant, experience in customer service, hospitality, or marketing is preferred over academics. The applicant must be 18 or above 18 years of age to qualify for the mentioned position.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Theatre Worker

When speaking of duties of a theatre worker, they vary depending upon the designation of an individual.

An actor or a performer delivers the below-mentioned duties to the theatre audience:

  • To be an actor is a difficult task as you are always on the go. Whether it is filming or costume trials, extreme vigilance is required in this profession. For instance, he/she should be well familiar with the script and the dialogues, study the assigned character thoroughly from every possible aspect.
  • An actor should never forget to be present at the scheduled rehearsals, be it costume fittings or dance and singing rehearsals, etc. He/she must take and respect the commands and ideas given by the director or choreographer.

In addition to this, the responsibilities of a simple theatre attendant are to re-stock the refreshments, catering to the needs of the customers like checking their tickets, making sure that they are seated properly, and so on.

Average Remuneration of Chicago Theatre Worker

The remuneration amount varies depending on the designation of a theatre worker. For instance, the typical salary of a projectionist is about $8.00 per hour. Similarly, a maintenance technician earns $17.07 for an hour. When moving towards higher positions, the average income level of the theatre manager is approximately $84,500 per year while it is $14000-$15000 for a regular theatre attendant.

Employees Feedback on Chicago Theatre Company

Ratings and feedback are gained by considering certain facts like work setting, management, work pressure, etc. Based on these facts, positive feedback was received from the staff who were satisfied with the management as well as with the friendly attitude of the co-workers. Music and drama are two things that enlighten the mood and working for a theatre company can be a pretty exciting venture indeed.  

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