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UNC Charlotte is the larges university in Charlotte and here you can find some of the top teachers and education experts in the region. What makes UNC Charlotte unique is not only its approach, but the great attention to detail and true focus on educational value. They hire only the best people in the industry to ensure that students get the ultimate knowledge needed to empower their careers in the long run. Keep reading…

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About UNC Charlotte Jobs

Like many US universities, UNC Charlotte does have a massive campus size. Its campus covers 4047 square kilometers, almost double than the UNC Wilmington campus. This says a lot about the location itself and how much support they provide for the students that come here. It has 85 buildings and it’s just 9 miles from Uptown Charlotte. This is the largest institution of higher education in the region and the second largest in North Carolina.

Number of students and employees

One thing to note about UNC Charlotte is that the number of students varies every year. However, the average number is around 29000. This is a very large employer in the region too, since they need a lot of staff to handle the needs of so many students. UNC Charlotte has 3000+ hires, both staff and faculty personnel. Their focus is on delivering state of the art solutions and community outreach or academic excellence.

What type of jobs can you find at the UNC Charlotte?

That depends on a variety of factors. Most of these jobs appear in between the semesters, however there are jobs that are valid throughout the year, regardless of the time. The most common jobs are obviously professors and teaching jobs in general. But they also have assistant jobs, associate professor jobs, biosafety officers, enrollment specialists, assistant directors and so on.

In addition, you will also find jobs like post-doctoral fellow, building environmental technician, student service specialists and many others. As you can see, there are a vast range of jobs you can access here, all of which are extraordinary and specific to helping the University run great. At the same time, many of these jobs are focused on the wellbeing of all students and making sure that they have all the tools and features needed to study at the highest possible levels.

UNC Charlotte reviews

UNC Charlotte is a highly rated employer. They do a very good job at creating a safe, friendly work environment. Depending on the position, some employees are able to job flexible hours, which is great. When it comes to downsides, the problem is that some employees believe that their work isn’t paid properly. There are also limitations especially for undergraduate-focused employees, which limits some opportunities.

As a whole, UNC Charlotte is one of the top employers in the region and it manages to stand out as a very high-quality place to work for. Yes, it does have a few downsides, but overall, it’s an amazing workplace with tremendous benefits and unique options for its employees!

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