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Universities are a prestigious place to work. Working in a facility that comes together to shape the minds of all ages and reward them with a degree so they can go out into the world and make a difference is rewarding in itself. If you have always wanted to be a part of a facility of sorts, now is a good time to change jobs and find university jobs in Boston. Keep reading…

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About Boston University Jobs

University jobs are normally featured on their website. Here are the links to the top five Universities in Boston for you to view:

  1. Harvard University:
  2. Boston University:
  3. Boston College:
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
  5. Northeastern University:

Once on these sites, you will be able to search for job positions that are available and check back often for updated job listings.

Entry-Level Positions

There are entry level positions available within Boston universities. These jobs will help you get your foot into the door and advance after proving that you want to make the university your long-term career. Entry level positions offer minimal pay, but every university offers its own perks, such as insurance, discounted tuition for you and your family, and more.

If you have a degree, you can get started in a position that you went to school for. Your degree will be honored once you land the career you wanted all along.

What do you want to do?

It takes many positions to run a college or university, advisor, teacher, dean, counselor, cook, tutor, and more. Each person in a college or university is important and it takes everyone working toward the same goal to help a student reach theirs. Before you begin your search for a new career in a university or college, first determine what you want to do. Maybe you want to counsel students in helping them to reach their goal. Maybe you want to work in the records department so you can help organize portfolio’s for students throughout their semester. Maybe you would like to teach a class that you know can inspire a student and help them learn, even if they have difficulty learning in that particular subject.

College Job Reviews

When it comes to reviews from former and present employees, most of the reviews stated that the pros of working there is the work and life balance, the pay, the benefits, and the time off. The cons consist of the buddy system being a crucial part in position advancement process.


When you work for a college or university, there are pros and cons to it, just like there are pros and cons for any job. Determine what matters the most to you and make it work, regardless of what others say.

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