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Working in any type of educational job has its benefits. You may get a discount on your tuition or you may be able to attend some classes for free. There are many positions that make up the entire work force at a university; it’s not just a principal and some teachers. Keep reading…

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Typical university positions include maintenance, librarian, counselors, administrative assistant, grounds keeper, electrician, engineer, HVAC, and more. Each person does his or her job in order for the university to run as smooth as possible for the students.

Example Positions

Electrician – Full Time – Must have Electrician License

In this position, you will be responsible for maintaining wiring and electricity to each classroom, each office, every main area, and lobby, and be able to assist in adding more outlets upon a teacher request. You will need to maintain the wiring traveling from the heat and air units in order to maintain the temperatures for the building.

Educator – Full Time – Must have License

You will be responsible for teaching a classroom of students in a particular subject. Your daily classroom schedule must be always maintained in order to successfully complete the student’s requirements necessary to obtain credits. You must also maintain a controlled classroom so that everyone has the opportunity to learn without distractions or interruptions. You will be responsible for maintaining student records and keeping them up to date.

Career Advisor – Full Time – $25 to $30 per hour

In this position, you will meet with students enrolled in the university to discuss their goals. You will work with them to reach their goals or exceed their goals if needed. This job can be difficult but very rewarding. Students may change their minds, they may fail a class or a semester and need to make it up, or they may need a little more time with you to meet their goals. As a career advisor, you can see them through every step of the way.

Employee Feedback

Those who have worked in the university in the past liked the work environment and the potential to do your job with minimal interruptions. Your reward was seeing the students through with their goals. Some cons included working around co-workers who may not have tried as hard to get along with others and those who may seem as though they are paid more attention than others.


When you want to find a career that has a lot of rewards, working in the university is a good idea. From keeping the lobby clean to shaping minds with lessons for the semester, it takes everyone working together to make it a successful adventure for each student.

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