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Given that Dallas, Texas is at the intersection of several major American interstate highways and thus a prime location for product distribution, it is no wonder that it is quickly becoming one of the largest manufacturing cities in the United States. While manufacturing was one of the hardest-hit industries in the United States in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, warehouses are steadily resuming normal operation and seeking to fill positions they had to terminate earlier in 2020 to meet increasing production demands. Keep reading…

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There are many thousands of open warehouse positions currently available in Dallas as a variety of companies and for full and part-time workers alike. Employers recognize the risks of working in a warehouse during a pandemic and thus are incentivized to make working conditions as safe as possible for their employees as the Dallas economy reopens.

Warehouse jobs span a variety of industries but are concentrated primarily in shipping and production sectors. Entry-level warehouse positions that require very little experience or certification include package handlers and “pickers” who are responsible for filling orders and packing them away in boxes to be shipped. These positions are typically paid anywhere from $13 to $16 hourly and tend to be part-time rather than full-time. Warehouse jobs that require additional skills and certification include forklift operators and a variety of technician positions.

These jobs typically require some form of specialized license or training and involve using heavy equipment in the warehouse setting. These jobs tend to be paid anywhere from $18 to $20 hourly and are more likely to be full time because of the degree of specialization required. At the highest level in a warehouse work setting are supervisory and managerial positions. These jobs might not necessarily require additional educational qualifications but usually involve undergoing managerial training and having extensive warehouse work experience – usually over five years. These positions are almost always full time and are salaried around $50,000 annually or more, depending on the experience of the applicant.

A wide variety of companies in Dallas have warehouses and thus require staff, but most of the largest are associated in some capacity with shipping and distribution. The United States Postal Service, Fed Ex, and UPS all have the largest warehouse operations in the city and employ thousands of warehouse staff. Amazon also occupies a substantial portion of the manufacturing and distribution industry with its Dallas headquarters.

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