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Warehouse jobs are important for so many reasons. They keep the orders filled and the trucks prepared to deliver. Oklahoma City has a few warehouse jobs available and each position is important when it comes to making the company function efficiently. Keep reading…

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About OKC Warehouse Jobs

There are full and part time positions available in a warehouse. They also normally work around the clock in order to meet demand so times can be offered in two shifts: day shift and night shift. The day shift is normally early in the morning until early evening while the night shift is during the nighttime – early evening to early morning.

Example Positions

The duties that are assigned to you will depend on which position you end up accepting.

Warehouse job examples include:

  • Warehouse Picker Order Selector for Dr. Pepper: $17 per hour with full time benefits including health, vision, dental, and life. Using a headset, you can verify that numbers add up before proceeding to the next step. Then you will hand stack cases of product that weigh up to fifty pounds in a repetitive order throughout the shift.
  • Warehouse Package Handler for FedEx: $24,000 to $32,000 per year with full time benefits including flexible schedule, parent leave, medical, dental, and vision insurance. This job requires that you unload packages as they come in and then load them on the right truck to go out for delivery. While doing this, you will need to keep up with the fast pace and ensure that you are reading the labels correctly and then placing them on the right truck to go out.
  • Warehouse Supervisor for Bunzl: $22,000 to $44,000 annual. This full-time position comes with benefits that include health and 401(k). For this position, you will be in charge of leading as well as controlling all the activities at the warehouse. You will have certain personnel assigned to your department where you will oversee and ensure that the work is done in an effective manner, all while always maintaining safety for your staff.

Pros and Cons of Warehouse Work

Working at a warehouse has both good points and bad.

Pros include: a position that is long term, you work mainly indoors, you are always busy, so time goes by faster, you are moving constantly, and pay is generally higher.

Cons include: Staying on your feet for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects frequently, working in a fast-paced environment, ensuring all packages are delivered correctly and quickly, and too much stress.


Warehouse positions are not right for everyone. If you feel that a warehouse position is a good fit for you, apply now so you can start soon and begin your career.

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