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Many people have started to opt for weekend jobs. Such part-time jobs allow people to gain extra income alongside working throughout the week. Most weekend jobs are easy to get and do not require any formal degree or skill. There are many weekend jobs available in NYC, especially since companies are now interested in providing short-term contracts to people without promising long-term job security. Keep reading…

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About NYC Weekend Jobs

The biggest advantage of working a weekend job in NYC is an increase in your cash flow. This allows you to easily gain financial independence by utilizing your weekends without asking for a pay rise at your full-time job. Weekend jobs are helpful because they assist in covering the high living expense of living in NYC.

Additionally, a weekend job could help you pursue your dream career. Not everyone gets to have a job that pays bills alongside fulfilling their wishes. A freelance or on-site job on the weekend helps people work in industries that are different from their normal fields – such as working at a bakery or an art gallery.

Types of Jobs

There are many weekend jobs in NYC that allow for great flexibility and handsome pay. While these jobs are not for everyone because they require you to sacrifice your leisure time on the weekends, they are considered helpful to gain extra money alongside your annual income.

Popular weekend jobs in NYC include:

  • Driving an Uber/Careem/Lyft
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Babysitting
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing

Best Paying Weekend Jobs

In NYC, there are many opportunities to work a weekend job and earn a good income.

This includes:


The average salary of a babysitter in NYC is $16.11 per hour. Work responsibilities include caring for kids if their parents are away at work or elsewhere. Babysitting jobs are usually given based on recommendations – so make sure that you do a great job wherever you go.


This weekend job includes performing home maintenance tasks such as fixtures, plumbing, or electronics installation. There is little skill required to do this weekend job, and most people depend on others’ recommendations when hiring. The average salary of a handyman in NYC is $17.32 per hour.

Snow Shoveling

Winter in NYC means a huge buildup of snow on sidewalks and driveways. Most people prefer to hand this responsibility to a third-party who can shovel the snow off their homes. This is a popular weekend job in the winters and can pay up to $18.33 per hour in NYC.


Weekend jobs are a popular way for students and full-time workers to gain extra income. These jobs require minimal skill and experience – making them relatively easy to get compared to other jobs. There is a high demand for certain weekend jobs in NYC, such as handymen, babysitters, gardeners, snow shovelers, or basic content writers. Depending upon the type of work you do and the hours you invest in work, you can gain a good income by working a basic weekend job in NYC without sabotaging your full-time employment.

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