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Manufacturing industries saw a sharp decrease in March of 2020 with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic but have been steadily recovering as consumerism returns to normal. Still, most manufacturers are hesitant to hire additional staff in order to preserve social distancing safety measures and offset the loss of overall income facing many companies thanks to the current recession affecting most of the country. As a result, jobs for welders are not in high demand in the Houston area but there are still a handful of companies hiring to fill these roles in the city. Keep reading…

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In Texas, welders are required to be certified by the American Welding Society. This includes passing a physical strength test as well as a welding test at a designated AWS testing site. There are multiple trade schools and certification programs, including through Houston Community College, that allow prospective welders to gain their certification as well as connect them with potential employers after they are certified. As a result, the majority of welding hires are done through internal application or apprenticeship processes.


The mean hourly wage for welders in Texas is $21 hourly, but salary is largely determined upon experience and the general qualifications of an applicant. Most welding jobs are in manufacturing industries in Houston with a smaller percentage in automotive work and maintenance. These include construction roles and, for experienced welders, the opportunity to help train future welders and help them gain their certifications.  In Houston specifically, many welding jobs are associated in some capacity with the oil and gas industry in the area.

Employers and Satisfaction

Some of the largest welding employers in Houston are Fluor engineering, KBR technologies, and McDermott construction. Most welders report a high level of job satisfaction, related largely to the feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing a job. While the work is difficult, those who choose to become welders often enjoy it immensely. There is decent opportunity for career advancement and many welders find the act of training prospective welders extremely fulfilling.

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