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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss? To get up each day and head to your office which happens to be two doors down from your bedroom, down the hall? Many people dream of having their own business or working from home but don’t know how they can pursue their interest or if it is even possible. In today’s world, with so many companies taking their business online, working from home is now a possibility for many. Keep reading…

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About Baltimore Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs in Baltimore can be found with a simple search on a few websites to locate the right job that matches your job skills. There is a job for almost any skill set that will allow an individual to work from home, part time or full time.

Types of Positions

You may be wondering what jobs are available to work from home. Obviously, not every job is available for work from home however, there are plenty that are.


If you are an accountant or if you work in the accounting department, you can take your job and move it to your home. On average, an accountant can make around $58,000 per year working in their home office. You can work for a company or you can contract your services out to as many businesses as you choose. The demand for a work from home accountant is only going to increase in the next ten years. Now, documents and paperwork can be uploaded and transferred from one computer to another, making accounting easier.


Because schools are not always in a school setting, remote learning has become very popular. Whether it is public school, charter schools, private schools, or home schools, the potential to earn money being a teacher on the computer is growing in leaps and bounds. If you have a degree in education, create your own website and offer subscriptions to tutor or teach a class from the comfort of your home office.

Project Manager

If you like to create projects or manage projects, then a project manager may be the best title for your new work from home business. In this position, companies will hire you to manage a project that they cannot find time to do themselves. As project manager, you will supervise a group of individuals working with you on a project or you can handle it all yourself.

Pros and Cons

Advantages to working from home include being able to keep your children at home with you as long as you are able to concentrate, being available even after the office has closed, wearing comfortable clothing to work, decorating your office in a way that is more productive for you, and being able to concentrate without too many interruptions.

Disadvantages to working from home include trying to maintain a quiet environment so you can work, not being able to socialize with others in the break room or to bounce ideas off of the heads of your coworkers,


If you ever wanted to work from home, now is the best time to begin your search for a work from home position. In the year 2020, more companies decided that it was much more efficient to hire employees that will be able to work from home instead of paying the expense to have everyone meet in one location to do the same job.

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