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One of the “safest” places for working during this pandemic time is, of course, working from home. The conditions that you must satisfy if you want to work from home, are pretty basic. In most cases, the only things that you need for this job are a computer, headphones, and a stable internet network. And, of course, the most important condition of all: you need to have certain knowledge in the specific field, and the will for learning new things is also an advantage. Keep reading…

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About Boston Work From Home Jobs

There is a wide spectrum of different jobs that you can do from your home. The most recent ones are Customer Service Assistant, Online Sales Representative, Virtual Assistant, Freelance Content Writer, Online language teacher, and of course, there are Data Entry Jobs. Depending on your previous working experience, your level of education, and above all, your interest, you can choose where you would like to apply. 

Example Positions

Just for the ones living in Boston, Massachusetts, there is, at this moment, over 185,000 available Work from Home open positions. Some of the Work from Home positions that you can apply: Travel Agent, for MKY Travels, Part-Time Customer Service Representative for Super Bright LEDs, or Senior Specialist (Prepaid Card Fraud Team) for Key Bank.

Lumen is looking for a Credit Consultant and Liberty Mutual Insurance for a Remote Inside Web Chat Sales Representative. If you are more into teaching, you should know that Simple International is looking for Online English Teachers. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of so many different Work from Home Jobs at the moment. You can apply to any of these jobs online, and another important thing is that for a high percentage of these jobs, the interviews with the candidates are also happening online. So, you can do everything from your home. 


Regarding the salary, that depends on many factors- the company, the job type, the working hours, etc. Let’s just say that the average salary for Freelance Writers is about $42,000. But, in most cases, it is much higher than that. Data Entry workers earn about $10 per hour, and Online English teachers from $4 to $25 per hour, again, depending on the company and the previous experience of the candidate.

Pros and Cons

The ones who had the chance to work from home, and the ones that are still doing the same thing point one thing as an advantage- no matter that you have a certain task that you need to finish during your workday while working from home you have the freedom to organize your day the way you want to. 

From all of the previously mentioned things, we can conclude that in this modern time, there is no difference in the job type and the salaries between regular jobs, and the ones that you can do at home. Some people would probably point out the alienation and the lack of personal contact with others as the flaw of working from home. But, during these times of pandemic, we can all agree that the things we mentioned are a plus. 

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