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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic shutdown that required many employers to move their staff to remote positions, Denver companies have been adapting quickly to the changing circumstances that construct their economic realities and permitting their employees to work from home. Keep reading…

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One important aspect to note is that not all jobs are possible to do remotely, meaning work from home positions largely apply only to salaried, white-collar workers instead of essential workers, like those at a restaurant, grocery store, or in healthcare industries that require employees to be physically in a workspace to do their jobs.

This means, unfortunately, that it is the people who do the hardest physical work that are most vulnerable. With that in mind, the majority of currently available work from home positions in Denver are concentrated in the technological, finance, insurance, and sale sectors.

In general, Denver companies have been much more receptive to the new “normal” of remote work, with several actually implementing the change permanently. For example, Facebook’s Denver office has remained empty as its employees continue to work from home. Other companies with Denver offices, like Google, Zillow, and Mercedes Benz have made similar decisions.

Pros and Cons

Working from home definitely has its appeal. It allows for greater flexibility during the day and, for working parents, can save a significant amount of money on childcare.

The drawbacks are not insignificant either, though. Some employees report struggling to maintain a steady work-life balance when work and life happen in the same space. Home is also full of distractions that make work more challenging: from children to pets to dirty dishes piled in the sink, it can be much more difficult to focus without the quiet and structure of an office.

Still, many employees favor it for its flexibility and the ability to structure their own schedules in a way they could not while working from an office.

There is a very real possibility that many companies will continue to operate remotely even as stay-at-home orders are lifted, particularly in remote sales, insurance, tech, and financial sectors that are most conducive to a work from home environment. Colorado companies in particular report greater collaboration over distance and ultimately have decided in large numbers not to risk the liability of bringing their employees back to the office.

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