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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce across the country has been changing rapidly as companies adjust to new safety precautions designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, many cities across the United States are beginning to lift restrictions and allow employees back into offices and have been in a kind of limbo between in-person and remote work since May 2020. Keep reading…

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It is important to note which kinds of jobs are able to be done remotely. Work from home positions tend to be white-collar, office-type jobs spanning a variety of sectors that do not require employees to be physically present in their work spaces to be productive. This means jobs in the service and manufacturing industries are still vulnerable because they require employees to be physically present, instead of allowing the option to work from home. Currently, many Houston companies are implementing hybrid or optional in-person work, allowing employees to decide whether they would prefer to work in person or from home. However, some companies in the tech sector like Google and Facebook, have embraced remote work entirely and have implemented remote work policies nationwide.

Work From Home Employers

Notable Houston companies currently utilizing some kind of work from home system are General Electric in its research and technological departments, the Houston Independent School District, and the technological side of the Texas Medical Center. Other industries that are largely remote or hybrid include marketing, insurance, and sales as well as much of the financial sector. Texas in general has been quicker to return to in-person work than many other states, but there are key exceptions in these industries.

Pros and Cons

Working from home definitely has its appeal. It allows for greater flexibility during the day and, for working parents, can save a significant amount of money on childcare. Some employees report feeling happier and more productive at home too, although educators report struggling to teach remotely. The drawbacks to working from home are not insignificant. Some employees report struggling to maintain a steady work-life balance when work and life happen in the same space. Home is also full of distractions that make work more challenging: from children to pets to dirty dishes piled in the sink, it can be much more difficult to focus without the quiet and structure of an office.

Still, many employees favor it for its flexibility and the ability to structure their own schedules in a way they could not while working from an office. There is a very real possibility that many companies will continue to operate remotely even as stay-at-home orders are lifted, particularly in remote sales, insurance, tech, and financial sectors that are most conducive to a work from home environment.

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