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With the advent of the world wide web, where you work has become increasingly irrelevant. Why commute an inconvenient distance to sit at a desk behind a computer to do a job you could just as easily have done sitting comfortably at home, maybe even in your pajamas. As you may have already guessed, some of these jobs are just too good to be true. Beware of those who promise outlandish income for minimal work, as these are almost always bogus. A be warned that quite a few of these employment opportunities are really sales positions, with your income depending on your performance. This may be just fine for individuals who excel at such work, but not all of us are confident of our salesmanship skills. But there are opportunities for working from home out there if you look. Keep reading…

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With Covid-19 raging all around us, and schools closing, then opening, then closing again, openings for teaching from your home have risen dramatically. And who’s to know where you’re teaching from? You could be sitting in freezing Homer AL and tutoring a kid in sunny Miami! One such listing is for a Virtual General Education Tutor at Elevate K-12. This position involves teaching or tutoring at a fifth to ninth grade level during regular school hours.

Teacher certification is a plus, but is not required, and the pay is $15 per hour. In yet another aspect of education, you could earn $40,000 a year, working remotely, as an Early Education Training Coach for 4C of Southern Indiana. Job responsibilities include developing and supporting early childhood educators, and offering counseling as needed. And substitute teaching can also be available. For instance, the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation offers a remote position as a first-grade sub at $207.65 per day.

How about counseling? The previously mentioned 4C of Southern Indiana offers an online position as a Conscious Discipline Trainer at $40,000 a year. Conscious discipline is the practice of controlling emotional response to triggering events. Qualified applicants must have a degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Family Services, Social Work, Counseling, or a similar field.

If you have a bit of experience in the field of mortgage financing, you could find a position such as the one offered by Infolob, as a remote Mortgage Processor, and earn up to #13 an hour. This company is currently looking for candidates in Indianapolis.

But. let’s return to the remote sales field. If you are confident of your people skills, and have the drive to succeed, there are lots of opportunities in this area. Insurance sales is just one of the most common. Allstate Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in the nation, has a variety of openings, selling both home and auto coverage, or a bundle of both. They also sell Medicare supplement health insurance. These earnings are based 100% on commissions, so your income depends entirely on yourself. The good part of such an arrangement is that you will work at your own schedule and convenience. But this is not like selling vacuums door to door. You must have training in insurance regulations, and there are licensing requirements.